..then Sang Moses and the Children of Israel

    April Passover 2004 Edition            
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..then Sang Moses and the Children of Israel


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Israel's Song

by James Vasquez

Sing loud your tributes, Israel,
Let not your tongue be dumb,
Nor silent now your heart's acclaim,
Whence all your praises come,

And fill the air with songs of joy,
Exalt the name on high,
Of God who reigns majestically,
O'er earth and sea and sky.

For none there was to hear the call,
Their desperate, futile plea,
As horse and rider by his might,
Were cast into the sea,

And Pharoah's army was destroyed,
Pursuing Israel's clan,
The waters closed upon the host,
And left there not a man.

Now my salvation he will be,
This God of war and song,
My father's God, exalted high,
For whom my praises long.

The captains in distress cried out,
And those of highest rank,
But none rose up to rescue them,
And like a stone they sank.

O Israel, now sing to God,
And raise your voice this hour,
Today your very ears have heard,
Your eyes beheld his power.

And Pharoah knew your servant's voice,
But scoffed at your command,
His army thus was shattered by,
The strength of your right hand.

Your anger burned and when unleashed,
The enemy consumed,
As surging waters covered them,
Who, in their depths, were doomed.

For they had boasted of the spoils,
In words of lofty pride,
Allotting each a share in what,
They'd have by eventide.

But when a single breath from you,
Brought down the crested sea,
Like lead they plunged beneath the waves,
Which vanquished every plea.

Now lift your voice to God above,
And sing rejoicingly,
Give thanks to him, O Israel,
For this great victory.

For with a mighty hand outstretched,
His awesome power to show,
He split the earth, its cleavage yawned,
And swallowed up the foe.

The kings of Edom are dismayed,
In Moab will they quake,
The citizens of Canaan bow,
Their leave will fondly take.

And silent as a stone are they,
For dread upon them fell,
They know 'tis God who goes before,
The tribe of Israel.

Our people pass them by unharmed,
They dare not lift a hand,
In vain they think to turn aside,
Our march to promised land.

And Miriam the prophetess,
With ringing tambourine,
Then danced before the people with,
A joyful, stately mien,

And joined at once in song by all,
The women in her train,
Went forth throughout our joyous tribes,
And chanted this refrain,

"Adore your God, O Israel,
And sing his majesties,
Who stands alone in terrible deeds,
Above all deities.

"Now let your mouths his glories sing,
To him your praises be,
For horse and rider of the foe,
Were hurled into the sea."


from the April Passover 2004 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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