Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


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Psalm 122

by James Vasquez

What joy then in my heart was born,
As in each one who said to me,
"Now let us to the house of God,
Go up to offer praise or plea."

Within your gates, Jerusalem,
Our feet, well-planted, firm are found,
Your close, compacted dwellings there,
Protected by its walls around.

And Israel's tribes ascend as one,
The people of the Lord to praise,
The Name of him who by decree,
His righteousness to us displays.

And there the thrones for judgment stand,
The thrones of David's house for aye,
Oh, hear, inhabitants, this word,
And for Jerus'lem's peace now pray:

"Let peace within your walls abound,
And those who love you be secure,
In safety may your chosen ones,
Within your citadels endure."

And for the sake of brothers there,
Of friends who dwell upon your height,
Unceasing, shall my voice ascend,
As I my prayer for peace recite.

Your full prosperity I'll seek,
For this beyond all other thought,
Within you stands the house of God,
By man raised up, divinely wrought.


from the August 2004 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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