Your judgments, Lord, are righteous


Your judgments, Lord, are righteous


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Psalm 19

By James Vasquez

The heavens loud proclaim, O God,
Your glory seen from end to end,
In praise for works your hands have wrought,
The skies their voices lend.

And speech proceeding day to day,
And knowledge full displayed by night,
To every language, tongue and kin,
Their voice has taken flight.

And like a bridegroom from his tent,
The sun comes forth to run its course,
And nothing from its heat is hid,
Of light and life the source.

Your law, O Lord, perfection is,
It guides and then revives my soul,
Restoring, lifting and my life,
Once more confirming whole.

And fully confident am I,
When trusting in your statutes for,
By them the simple man is taught,
Great wisdom to explore.

My heart rejoices in your law,
Its precepts ever proving right,
No fear have I to falter or,
To walk as if by night.

And your commands enlighten me,
All radiant to my eyes are they,
To fear you, Lord, I know is pure,
Enduring now and aye.

Your judgments, Lord, are righteous and,
Most sure as known in times of old,
Of greater value are they found,
Then coin or jewel or gold.

And mounds of much pure gold shall not,
Exceed the good they do for me,
For sweeter, they, than honey from,
The comb could ever be.

And by your judgments, Lord, am I,
Forewarned of evil I might do,
And I am taught their rule to keep,
And great reward accrue.

Your errors, O Lord, who can discern?
They lie beyond my utmost reach,
My faults forgive, the known and hid,
I earnestly beseech.

Let not your servant’s willful sins,
Rise up to rule me, thought or deed,
That blameless I, before you found,
From guile may be freed.

Now may the words my mouth shall speak,
The meditation of my heart,
Well please you, Lord, Redeemer, Rock,
Each day in whole and part.


from the October 2004 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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