The Gift that God Gave the Jews



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G-ds Gift

by Michael Druck

Torah is G-ds gift to the Jews,
and it speaks to thee
of some vast eternal plan
in wondrous majesty.

The message is loud and clear
beyond minds that cannot see.
For G-d loves only Israel
and judges tenderly.

Torah, G-ds gift to the Jews,
speaks in words sublime.
In messages born of purpose
to the Jewish soul and mind.

Let no nation read us wrong
or mistake Jewish pride.
Our strength is found in Torah
and what G-d Himself, provides.

Torah is G-ds gift to the Jews.
And the Jew is G-ds gift to man
to bring holiness down from heaven
to every sea and land.

G-ds gifts are everywhere.
And it takes the Jew to see
messages of Torah
and immortality.

And messages of Torah
for all eternity.

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