The universe is an image of Torah


The universe is an image of Torah


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Of Torah and Universe

© By by Michael Druck

The universe is an image of Torah.
And Torah the image of G-d.
It is the Holy of Holies.
And every letter is bound up with

Torah is the secret of wisdom;
an insight into the essence of things.
It reveals the known and unknown.
And all within life it doth bring
nothing less than its greatness.

It contains the deepest of mysteries;
disclosed and hidden from the mind.
Of this world, and the world to come,
its source is a wisdom to find.

The Torah is literal and symbolic.
It is sacred and filled with the truth.
Its sense is that which sustains us,
while all else is mundane and aloof.

The Torah is an allusion to G-d.
Its wisdom is to love and to seek
all that G-d has given
to the Jew, to have and to keep.

The Torah is awe inspiring.
An image of the universe;
consumed with the Holy of Holies
that the Jew was picked to traverse.

And life’s goal is its sacred ascension.

Torah, the secret of wisdom.
Torah, the essence of things.
Revealing the known and unknown;
and all within life it doth bring
nothing less than that greatness.




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