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For Israel

By Michael Druck 2005

For Israel, did G-d Himself
in words did once decree,
that Jews would hold it sacred
for all eternity.

Forever did He deem it so
that we keep it fertile ground,
with its Wall and its meanings
that Torah did expound.

He said that we should grow the soil
and populate the land,
with many blossomed trees
and holiness for man.

Israel is our pleasure.
An Eden amongst the waves.
A fountain of all our joy.
A treasure that was saved.

For the Jew, the Chosen People,
G-ds hope and His delight.
A vision in the darkness
an ever shining light.

Beware to the world.
G-d will warn you once or twice.
Take not away the Jewish destiny;
an ever holy paradise.

To Israel, to G-d, Himself
give measured sanctity.
And man will know, that special glow,
that shines on lands and seas;
a treasured destiny.

All thoughts from His words
stir our immortal frame.
All are part of G-ds love
and feed His sacred flame.

To Israel!


from the October 2005 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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