Israel, a Poem


Israel, a Poem


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By Tad Campbell

The land of my people
finds no destination upon a map
no address or signpost
Its doors open to an inner sanctuary
upon colorful patterns
which dress the past
in the fabric of this earth

A harvest of generations
with roots sown to the circle of hills
as waters of the sea gently bath in the light

Echoing the inner invitation
and ever-rising heartbeat
to return to a most sacred place

There I feel the miraculous light of the glowing menorah
taste the sweet challah of the expectant Shabbat
hear the Eternal’s words within the life-changing Torah
and stand ever-ready to take up the shofar’s call
as it weaves through my days and nights
embracing me, converting me
into the prayerful man I seek to be

And it is here I am united in the
land of hope
with you my true family
in the land of Israel


from the February 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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