Jesse, father of King David


Jesse, father of King David


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Jesse - God Searches All The Heart

By James Vasquez

My wife had borne eight sons and I,
Was surely blest above all men,
Quite handsome each, of goodly height,
And worthy of a scribe's fine pen.

From them I thought strong progeny,
Would one day be mine to enjoy,
As 'mongst our clan they took their place,
That each his talents might employ.

And when I thought on whence I'd come,
'Twas clear there was a flaw or two,
Like Rahab and the widow Ruth,
For neither was, in fact, a Jew.

From Rahab had come down some tales,
Of fascination, beyond doubt,
Of walls that tumbled, spies that saved,
And towns that had received a rout.

But she herself, well, let me say,
Abode within the city wall,
Her guests each day from dawn till dusk,
Were mostly males, if not all.

Yes, she with Moabitess Ruth,
Had somehow entered our pure race,
And oft I wondered how my sons,
Could rise above this raw disgrace.


from the February 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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