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Ariel Sharon - a Poem


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January fifth, Two Thousand Six

By Michael Druck © January 2006

O’ people, dear people.
Our friend’s fearful trip is done.
He has weathered many storms,
yet the price of peace is barely won.

His time is dear.
He knows our prayers.
Yet sadness is now and ever still.
Our friend needs to awaken
and bring us to G-d’s will.

O’ people, dear people.
Rise with heads held high.
The test is ever given
where the challenge meets the sky.

Our friend does not answer.
He does not hear our call.
The people gather ‘round
in temples and near The Wall.

The valor of his fight
will be remembered now and for the age.
Debated in every corner
by every soldier and every sage.

Do not forget him
or how he loved us or how he tried.
Bless him in his time of need
and let us all thank him with great pride.

O’ people, dear people.
Our friend’s fearful trip is done.
Pray for him and us,
under G-d’s light
beneath the sun.


from the February 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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