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Brochures: From the Writing to the Printing

By Harvey Rubinoff

Writing articles is much fun for writers but when it comes to actually printing out the work together with the graphics can be a chore for the most savvy writer. In the old days it seemed that work could be divided into two aspects: the writing and the printing. A home printer was good enough for a copy and the client would take care of the printing.

Today, however, clients want both services from the writer. "Just give me the brochure, complete," a client told me. My client who specializes in services wants the 'finished product' delivered to his office for distribution in the local mailboxes. He does not want to spend time running around to find a printing company for printing the brochures.

At first I thought, 'what, me, printing services?' I was not interested. But after a bit of reflection, I realized that I could give him not just the text for my normal fee, but also I could have the brochures printed on-line, delivered to me then I redelivered them to the client and added a markup on the printing service and on the delivery all to the satisfaction of my clients.

Printing services are competitive. If you use one printing service, be careful, they may take your business for granted and not give you first class service. I have shopped around quite a bit, both over the telephone and over the Internet to find low cost ( I use the work 'low cost' since it is always possible to find someone cheaper, but the concept is good to high quality work for reasonable prices) and good quality work.

Ask to see some samples of the work that they have done in the quality of the work that you need. Don't rely on their promise.

Know ahead the type of paper stock you need and the type of surface: glossy or matte. Each type of paper stock makes a different impression on the reader. A cheap brochure looks just that cheap, but even for cheap looking paper there is an occasional need as for sell out sales.

Ink types are also important: do you want color? If so, how much color is needed. Make certain that you speak ahead of printing with the client to understand his needs.

Another one of my clients is a Jewish educational organization that puts out educational brochures. Here there is an emphasis on the brochure being a durable brochure and less emphasis on the colors and pictures. For this client a different selection of paper quality and printing quality is of the highest consideration than for my direct marketing clients.

It does not take long to become an expert in printing brochures, but it takes a short investment in time to speak with several printers. Once you realize that little expertise is required, you can begin to make extra money by doing your own printing for your clients.


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