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The Jewish Magazine brings the best in Jewish authors on Israel, Judaism, and Jewish interest.
    Issue Number 153 Passover Issue         In our Fourteenth Year on the Web April 2011      
The Jewish Magazine brings the best in Jewish authors on Israel, Judaism, and Jewish interest.
Jewish Magazine - best in Jewish authors, Israel, Judaism, & Jewish interest






The Jewish Magazine is a free monthly review of all things Jewish. This month we present a large assortment of varied articles, both new and also from our archives many dealing with different aspects of the Passover holiday.

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The Jewish Magazine brings the best in Jewish authors on Israel, Judaism, and Jewish interest.

Regular (Non-Passover) Features:
The Journey Home from the Holocaust
By Michael Ruskin
The Holocaust in Lithuania
Living Past the Holocaust: a Survivor's Story
By Harvey Gotliffe
More Than Surviving, Thriving In Australia
A Zionist debt fulfilled
By Jerry Klinger
Rev. William Hechler, the Christian who backed Theodor Herzl
Humor, Jokes and Assorted Chuckles
Jokes sent in by our Readers
OK, so I should be cleaning for Passover, but I need a break...
Jewish Stamps Commissioned for England
By Alan W Benjamin
A Smiler Stamp For The Queen
Kabbalah for Atheists
By Ray Harris
What can Judaism give us about Enlightenment and the Spiritual future of Mankind?
Learning Kabbalah Through Humor
By Sam Krause
The Purpose of Life According to Kabbalah
Nostra Aetate: The Popes' Proclamation that the Jews are Not Responsible for Killing Jesus
By Judith Rice
Jules Isaac & Pope Benedict XVI
Like in Ramallah
By Elaine Rosenberg Miller
A Poem to Remember the Fogel Family from Itamar that was Murdered by Arab Terrorists
The Great Pool Hall Caper
By Walter D. Levy
A Jewish Story
Relevance of the Torah and Sacrifices to a Secular Jew
By Abraham Glazer
Are Animal Sacrifices Relevant for Today's Life?


Passover Poems, Songs, Stories and Humor:

Passover - As Reported in the Impartial Israeli Press

Bitter Herb

How NOT to clean for Passover Humor

Passover Stringency Humor

The Festive Meal A Story About divorce, food, family, death, time, Judaism

The Seder According to Shakespeare

Gabriel, Age Two, Opens the Door for Elijah A Passover Poem

Adir Hu: Its Meaning and Melody and Download a free MP3

The night of Pesach - a Passover Poem

Red a Sign - A Poem For Passover

Passover Recipies:

Guide to Make a Very Easy Passover Meal
By Aviva Goldstein
Food Plan for an Easy Passover Seder

Matza Ball Recipe

Another Matza Ball Recipe

Passover Horseradish Recipe

Passover Matzah Ball Recipes

Matzo Brie: Theory and Recipe with a bit of Humor

The Jewish Magazine brings the best in Jewish authors on Israel, Judaism, and Jewish interest.

Passover Specials:
The Seder Made Easy
By Nachum Mohl
Guide for Making an Easy and Enjoyable Seder
The Importance of Passover
By Larry Fine
Passover: the central point of Judaism
The Four Cups during the Seder & Our Four Mothers
By Chana Bracha Siegelbaum
The Woman's Perspective of the Four Cups at the Passover Seder
Another American Passover
By William Rabinowitz
A Humorous Glimpse into a Typical American Passover
Fermentia: Passover Fear!
By Ze'ev Maghen
An except from a new book called JOHN LENNON AND THE JEWS: A Philosophical Rampage
Passover and the Invention of the Sandwich by Hillel
By Jane Bichmacher de Glasman
Historically Speaking, The Sandwich is a Jewish Creation
The Prelude And Flight From Egypt
By Michael Druck
A Poem for Passover
Our Passover in Jerusalem
By Joanne Jagoda
Enjoying Passover in Jerusalem

Passover Miscellaneous:

Searching for Chometz

Rice on Passover

My Seder With Marlon Brando

A Pictorial Visit to a Hand Made Matza Factory

Passover Preparation

The Golem of Prague and Passover - There is a Connection

The Passover Haggadah Download for Free an Online Passover Hagadah

Passover Insights:

Significance of Matza

the Time of Passover

Matzah Haggadah and the Ten Plagues

Passover its Essence in its Name

The Messiah and Passover

Mystical Explanation of the Passover Miracle

Experiencing Slavery in Egypt

Seder Insights:

Ballad of the Four Sons

To Lean or Not to Lean at the Seder, that is the Question

Passover Seder: Freedom and Speech Pesach = Peh (mouth) + Sach (speaks)

What can we learn from Chametz and Passover?

Sephardic Traditions at the Passover Seder

Passover Through History:

Passover with the Irgun

Jerusalem Passover 1948

Passover and the Blood Libel

Passover Seder Under Enemy Fire in Vietnam


More on Passover from our Archives:

Passover Archives from the Past

The Jewish Magazine brings the best in Jewish authors on Israel, Judaism, and Jewish interest.

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The Jewish Magazine brings the best in Jewish authors on Israel, Judaism, and Jewish interest.

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