Jewish Racism: Is it superior to the racism of the gentiles?

            August 2012    
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Is there a real Master Race?

By Shachna Linderman

A European white supremist group says on their Internet site that all of those very "white" countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden Luxemburg, etc. outlaw the kosher slaughter of animals so it should be that those countries such as France and Holland who are toying with the idea should follow suit. (Kosher slaughtering of animals has been outlawed in Switzerland and Norway since 1893 and in Sweden since 1930. Switzerland however does allow for the kosher slaughter of poultry and due to Swedish reverence for the the private farmer, kosher slaughter is allowed on private farms and homes as a matter of "household necessity"). A person from Indiana writes in that Jews aren't white and are influencing the American public on many issues including the permitting of kosher slaughter when it should be outlawed.

These white supremists will tell you that blue eyes are superior to any other eye color that happens to be around, yet a would-be suicide bomber caught on the streets of Tel Aviv a number of years back thinks otherwise. When he failed to detonate he was interrogated by the Israeli police. They asked him: "Why were you going to do it?" The Arab's reply: "I was promised 72 black-eyed virgins in Paradise!"

When the Americans installed a puppet government in South Vietnam they placed in power "President" Ky who felt that the Asian race was superior to all other races. And, of course, it's not so much that black is beautiful as much as it is "distinguished". (Orthodox Jews usually dress in black).

The racism of the gentiles takes a physical attribute and claims that that particular attribute is "superior" to like-physical attributes found in other races, even though they have been created to serve the same particular purpose.

They fail to recognize the engineering, design and special function of that particular attribute that has been granted them by divine engineering. Instead of praising that incredible "patent" of color vision bequeathed upon them by their Creator, they proclaim that a blue eye is superior to any other eye color.

What good is pair of blue eyes if you can't see worth beans out of them? What price would a person who was going blind pay to trade in his blue eyes for whatever eye color that happens to be around - just so that he can see perfectly?

So, we see that the racism of the gentiles doesn't acknowledge the benefits bestowed upon him by their Creator. They fail to realize the gift of eyesight or the splendor of the color spectrum or the cunning design and purposfulness that went into that particular physcical attribute.

Within the anatomy of the eye we find the pupil,cornea, iris, lens, anterior chamber, conjuntiva, canal of schlemm, ciliary muscle, posterior capsule of lens, branches of ciliary artery and nerve, central artery and nerve, optic nerve, optic disc, scelera, retina, choroid and retinal arteries and veins - just to name a few of the masterpiece of component parts that contribute to the miracle of color vision.

What are the chances that all of this divine technology just happened to harmoniously and synchroniously position themselves in just the right composition to provide eyesight? Would you say that over the course of thousands of years this particular component just happened to fall into that particular component? That's about as plausible as taking a deck of playing cards and tossing them up in the air continuously 24/7/365 for thousands of years and having them all fall into place in perfect sequence. Obviously, there was careful planning and purposfulness in all of the compontents of the eye with the intention of providing eyesight.

These racists turn a blind eye to His benevolence by displaying a hatred of His creation by proclaiming with haughtiness and pride that the attributes of their race is superior, when in fact everything is from Him and not of their own doing.

Jewish racism differs because Jewish racism is really the racism of the Creator when He singles out the Jews and proclaims that there is a real Master Race - chosen by G-d to master the Torah!

And that it's up to the Jews to uphold all of those Thou Shalts and all of those Thou Shalt Nots and to understand just what G-d has in mind as He reveals Himself by way of Israel and His Torah.

Israel is chosen over all of the nations of the world - to receive and to master The Torah!

In Hebrew, The Chosen People or The Treasured People is the "Am HaSegula". Segul, besides having the connotation as Chosen also means the color purple. Purple, turquoise and crimson usually denotes royalty with G-d as the Emperor of the Universe together with His Purple People.

Black Muslims hate us because we are white and the Arabs are trafficking Africans into Israel in order to turn us into blacks and white supremacists claim that Jews aren't white, so if we're not white nor black - we must be purple due to royal descent!

Purple and crimson were the colors used to drape The Tabernacle - the desert sanctuary of the Israelites, the prototype portable Temple - may we live to see it rebuilt! This requires a concentrated effort on the part of each and every Jew to participate in the mastering of the Torah!


from the August 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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