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The Tenth of Teveth
Customs of Fast Days
Day of Rain
Tisha B'Av & The Destruction of the Temple
Kamsa & Bar Kamsa - the Traditional Story of Tish B'av
Shabbat of Comfort
The 9th of Av & Messiah's Birthday
Spiritual Exercises in Remembering Jerusalem
Commemorating the Crusader Attack Upon Jerusalem
Commemerating the Destruction of the Temple
The Inner Cause of the Destruction of the Temple
Happenings on the Tenth of Av
The Seventeenth of Tamuz, Tisha B'av, and Mourning for the Temple
Nine Days and the Three Weeks
The Various Fast Days - what they have in common

Foods for Fasts
Customs of the Seventeenth of Tamuz A Fast Day
Short Guide to Tisha B'Av and the Nine Days
Tisha B' Av and Reflections on the Meaning of Baseless Hatred
Tisha B'Av, Who Needs It?
Fast Days, what for?
Tisha B'Av experience in Jerusalem
Can the Secret of Tisha B'av be for Real?
So the Temple was destroyed, what now?
A Tisha BAv Story
Tamuz and Av, Jewish months with a Historic Past
Tisha B'av: Lessons about Joy and Sadness
Tisha B'Av Probability Analysis
Tradition of Tisha B'Av In The Fourth Century
Reflections on Tisha B'Av
Tisha B'Av: The Jewish Response to Tragedy
What is Missing in Fasting?
On the Tenth of Tevet the Torah was Translated into Greek. Why was this a Tragic Event and not a Reason to Rejoice?