Contemporary Jewish History

What is History of the status quo of the Temple Mount?
The Lynching of Leo Frank and The Commutation of Gov. John Slaton
The Altalena's Journey to the Promised Land by a Holocaust Survivor
John Henry Patterson, The Christian godfather of the Israeli Army
Visiting the Chinese Jews in China
The Forgotten Origin of the Ethiopian Jews; from Northern Sudan
Titus's Arch, A Jewish Perspective
Amazing but Little Known Story of a Russian Jewish colony that sprang up in Virginia 1882 - 1883
The True Story of William Saunders Crowdy, a Slave, who went on to become a Black Rabbi
The Amazing Story of a German Jew who Fought Against the Nazis
August Bondi The True Story of an Abolitionist Jew who fought to free the American Slaves
The Cow: a Story about the agricultural colonies established by Baron Maurice de Hirsh around the turn of the 20th century
The Messiah and Theodor Herzl
The Jewish King of Poland
The fate of Palestine, Woodrow Wilson, America's policy and Inacuraces in the King Crane Report
Yitzhak Shamir: A personal story
Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Golda Meir, Yom Kippur War, and the Anti-Semite who saved Israel
A Brief History of the Chazan and the Cantor
Memories from a Synagogue
Visiting the Jews of India
The Medieval Parur Synagogue In South India
Yiddish, a bisle History
Jews at the Time of the Civil War
Grossinger's, the Jewish American Experience
Jews in Germany of the 1770's
Solomon Bibo, a Jewish man from Poland, was a Chief of the Acoma Indians of New Mexico
Visiting the Jewish American Museum
Pequots, Pekiíin and Palestinianism and the story of Israel
Four Immortal Chaplains who Died to Save Men of All Faiths
American Jews and the Congressional Medal of Honor
Jews and the Battle of the Little Big Horn
Genetics of Jewish History and Prediction of the Next Tragedy
A Day's leave in Rome During World War II
Does Israel Suffer from the Battered Woman Syndrome? Leo Frank, the Jews and Zionism
Where Did Atlit And Hadar Haifa Go after 62 years absence?
Jewish Letters from Jasionowka, Poland - 1887 Shed Light on Jewish Life
Who murdered Chaim Arlosoroff?
Stalin's Problem with Molotovís Jewish Wife
Istanbul Intrigue: What if FDR Listented?
The Struggle for the Jewish Legion and The Birth of the IDF
Jewish Wedding from Europe's Yesteryear
Judge Brandeis, President Wilson and Reverend William E. Blackstone changed Jewish history
Old European Synagogues
Exploring Old Mikvas in Poland
The Andorra Star was sunk with German Jewish refugees
Theodore Herzl, Rev. William Hechler and the Zionist Beginnings
Polish Jewish Cemeteries
Angels and Demons
I am Daniel Deronda
The relationship between the Mormons and the Jews in Utah
After the 1967 War: A Hands-on Jewish Experience
A Personal Glimpse of Jewish Life in Central Europe at the Turn of the Century
Stories from my father: A Boy in the Jewish Underground in British Mandate Palestine
Shakespeare's Shylock: Why is the Merchant of Venice" called Shakespeare's anti-Semitic play?
The Little Known Story of a Reverend John Stanley Grauel who helped make Israel Possible
The Accidental Congregation
President Lincoln, General Grant and the Jews
The Hebrew quarterback who changed football forever
"Murder Inc.", Balad, the Israel Supreme Court and Meyer Lansky
Sarona the Kirya in Tel Aviv was founded by the Templars - History
What do you know about the Expulsion of the Jews from England?
The Great Grandson of Kaiser Wilheim II Comes to Jerusalem
The Tears of Yefimovich, Living Through Stalin's Communist Paradise
Frozen in Time, Going Back to my Father's Shtetl, Rokiskis
Tribute to a giant of Revisionist Zionism
An American Soldier in Israel's War of Independence
An Unbelievable Tour of Israeli Artifacts at the Israeli Museum
Cotopaxi, The Failed Jewish Farming Experiment in America
Isaac Leslie Hore-Belisha, Jewish British Secretary of State for War
History of a Tragedy: The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain
The Golem and its History
The Choir in Jewish History
A Brief History of Bikur Holim Hospital
Book Review: Greece: A Jewish History
Jewish Aviators, Charles Levine and Arthur Welsh
Jews in the Confederate Army
The True Story of the Last in Herzl's Family
Kerem Avraham - A Small Piece of the History of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv's First Walkman and the Lechi,
Gerard Frydman, his Life in the Yiddish Theater in Paris during the Holocaust,

Hebron 1929: The Untold Story
How the Portuguese Secret Jews (Marranos) Saved England
Jewish Lineal History Time Line
Newark - This City is Just Memories
Jews in the Confederate Army
Jewish History on Jamaica
Pvt. Benjamin B. Levy, Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War
Jews and anti-Semitism in the American Civil War
The Swiss Treaty and the Washington Hebrew Congregation
Deadwood City, South Dakota and the Jews of the Old West
Admiral Rodney and the Jews of St. Eustatius
Coming to America
Operation Magic Carpet
Entebbe: Thirty Years Later
Rope Walker - the Unknown Jew in the Wild West
The Ottoman Jewish Community of Sudan
General Marie-Pierre Koenig and the Jewish Brigade
Jude, History of the Yellow Jewish Star
Jerusalem's Defenders From the History of Gush Etzion
Escape from Baghdad, Iraq 1948 Part II
Escape from Baghdad Iraq 1948 Part I
Jews in Italy (1848-1923)
American Jews are Vanishing
Mission to Palestine, 1946
The Catonists' Saga
The True Story of Billy the Kid & The Murder of Morris Bernstein
Shapespeare and the His Take on the Bible
A Virtual Visit to Rashi's Home Town
American Judaism and the Future
Jewish History of Camaguey, Cuba
The Meaning of American Jewish History
Underground With Mommy
Life in Israel in the early 1900's
American Jewish History 1967 - Present, Part 2
Israel, the Holocaust & American Jewish Life
Boomtown Days and the Jews in Texas
US Jewish History 1945-1967 Survival in the New World
American Jewish History 1924-1945
Prague & The "Vav" from the Charles Bridge
American Jewish History 8 - Russian Immigration
American Jewish History 7 - Jews and the West
American Jewish History 6 - Slavery
Lord George Gordon
American Jewish History 5 1820-1860
American Jewish History 4 -
American Jewish History 3 - the Revolution
American Jewish History 2 - 1654-1770
American Jewish History 1 - the Beginning
Jews in Hollywood
The Beilis Blood Libel
the Division Street Princes
Early Jewish Basketball
the Shtetl in the New World
Zayde - Memoies of Williamsburg
Jewish Vilna
Reliving the Moment that the Kotel Came Back
Personal Recollection of the Old Generation
Aryeh Levin, Father of Jewish Prisoners
Shabbaetai Tzvi
19th Century Jerusalem
Bombardment on Succot
Theodore Herzl
the Irgun
Balfour Declaration
Jerusalem Blood Libels
the Haunted Synagogue of Safed
Dryfus Case
the Sefad Earthquake
the Churva