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The Tomb of Rachel
History of Chanuka
The Tenth of Teveth
The History of Purim
The Secret of Incense
Tisha B'Av & The Destruction of the Temple
Avdat & the Nabatean Empire
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Tel Quasile - Archaeology
Remembering the Temple & Fast Days
Antiquities from the Golan
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Yehudit- Heroine of Channuka
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Tower of David
Gamla Revisited
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Tel Afek - Archaelolgy
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Gamla in the Golan
The Tabernacle and the Temple
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Herod's Palace in Jerusalem
the Greatness of the Second Temple
Bread Mills in the Lower Galilee
Ein Gedi

Tel Lachish
Archaeology in Tiberia 
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Archaeology - Tel Dan
Archaeology - The Ancient City of David in Jerusalem
Archaeology - Be'er Sheva
The Gates & Wall of Jerusalem
Archeology in Israel - Bethsaida
The Tabernacle And The Golden Calf
Hebron - Archeology
The Samaritans
The Nimrod Fortress
The Ramban Synagogue
Herodian, the Lavish Palace of Herod
Timna - Archeology in Israel
Archeology in Israel - Apollonia
Bet Shearim - Archeology in Israel
A Virtual Visit to Rashi's Home Town
Yavne Yam- Archeology in Israel
Mamshit & the Ancient Synagogue of Maon
Archeology in Israel - Herodion
Jewish Antiquities at Qasr Al-Amir
Mount Carmel Eliahu, the Prophet and Archeology
8th Century Jewish Learning Academies
Rabbi Akiva and the Ten Martyrs
Jewish Lineal History Time Line
Nutshell History of Marranos of Portugal,
Deborah, the Prophetess
The Kings of the Jews
The Elah Fortress Uncovered unearthed in Elah Valley
From the Spanish History of Jewish Conversos to Catholicism
Rabbi Eliezer the Great
Joseph Caro, His Books Influence our Lives
The Fall of Beitar and the begining of the Jewish exile
Coinage in Talmudic Literature
Mohammad and the Jews
Torquemada and the Inquisition
Visting the Khirbet Karta Archeological Ruins near Athlit
A New History of Grigory Rasputin and his relationship with the Jews
Finding the Original Hebrew Script: Paleo-Hebrew
Visiting the History of the Hebrew Alephbet Exhibit in the Tower of David
The Persian Conquest Of Jerusalem
Revelations from Khirbet Qeiyafa
Ancient Canaanites and Israelites meet Jews and Israelis
Maimonides on the Temple Mount
The life and times of Saadia Gaon
Portugal, New Christians: the Marranos, and the right of return