Jewish Fiction Archive Page

The World of Chaiyes: Animal Life in the Yiddish World
The Party's Over: Memorial Messages On a Lonely Rainy Day
The Frau: Jewish Short Story
The Letter to God: An Old Russian Folk Story (translated from the Russian into English)
Story: The Shrewd Constable by Mikhailo Staritsky (1840-1904)
A Jewish Story of a Jew in Middle-Age Syria
"S'iz Shver Tsu Zayn A Yid"! - It's Hard to be a Jew
My Jewish Cat - Jewish Humor in a Jewish Story
Over His Head - A Very Jewish Story
To See The Light, a Jewish Story
When Sorrele Found Itzig: A Taste of Honey
The Longest Seder
The Enchanted Matzoh
Jewish Story: Always Beside Me
A Terror Of Knives, a story
The Phone Urge, a Story
A Jewish Fantasy Story
Shepherd Boy, a Jewish story
Contempory Jewish Life: Notes from a Writing Center
A Jewish Story of Three Women, Three Generations
The Great Pool Hall Caper: A Jewish Story
A Little Jewish Town: a Holocaust Story
M is for the Many Things She Told Me: A story of Life and Death
Facing Salvador: A Story of a Child's Courage
"Traifener Kop!" Overnight in a Jewish Camp
The Interview - A Jewish Story
Harry meets Aunt Rhona & Uncle Morris
Waiting: The story of Israel, the kite flyer
How To Win A Jewish Princess
In Jerusalem
Ezra: A Jewish Story
From Tiny Acorns Grow: a Story
A Tisha BAv Story
The Aunt, a Jewish story
A Jewish Love Story: the Golem's Heart
The Choice to Fight: When a Father has Cancer
The Diary of Abraham Rosenman, A Story based on the Holocaust
What Teddy Wanted, A Jewish Story
A Story about Life and Death
The Metaphorphoses of Rabbi Moskowitz - a Jewish story
The Broken Vav
The Three Coffins
As guest of honour
The Widower
Chesed: a Jewish Story of Reconciliation
A Domain Named Heaven
The night before a Bris is called Leil Shimurim
A Jewish Story about a Rabbi facing losing his minyanand  
A Jewish Story takes us back to the Temple service in Jerusalem
The Golem of Auschwitz - A Fictional Story
The Messenger - A Story: Now Just Who was He?
A Jewish Story about a Magical Magician
A Way Back Home, A Story of a Family's Roots
The Principal of Rivington Street - A Jewish Story
Books, and no books - a Story
Mendel the Chassid and Norman and the Dog
The Expulsion from Gush Katif - Book Review
In Strange Ways
My Uncle Milton discovered the Bullah when he was four years old.
Making a Minyan on the Cruise
Dreams, a Jewish Story

No Returns a Jewish Story
The Laughing Clarinet
The Greed, a Story
Names are important in Boynton Beach
The Hand of Divine Justice
Pincus, the Shamus Jewish Detective Story
Just a Box in the Basement A Jewish Story
Creampuffs and Other Diet Foods
The Locket
Alfie's Bark Mitzvah
Remembering Little Marvin and the Banana
A Story of Birth and Circumcision
Meeting the Rebbe - A Jewish Story
A Jewish Love Story
A Jewish Story - Naples and the Holocaust,
A Time to Say Goodbye,
Meat Meat - The Story of non Kosher Meat in America
The Quiet Game - A Story out of the Holocaust
A Cheder Tale
Mr Goldstein was tired of being a Jew
Boca Tale
A Story of Kabbala
Solomon the Accountant
The Garden of Ruth
The Jewish Moshiach
A Prayer for Gershon Levin
Debt of Honor
Another Time
Rabbi Walsh, the Exorcist
The Stomach of Monsieur Kornett
The Night the Rabbi Came for Supper
Legend of The Feather Pillow
The Song of Hannah
Saba's Stories
The Hat - She never understood its significance
Reba a Short Story about Living Life
An Improved Funeral
Yetta - A Story
Ettie and Sadie
The Tale Of Finkel
I. Joseph Kellerman
the Package
Glory - an Israeli Love Story
The J Letter
Two Roads
The Choice
The Tenth Man
Graveyard Hopping
Alice - Growing Up Jewish
Three Doras
Jewish History
A Green Yarmulke
Healing the World
Simon's Bad Day
Tangled Vines part 2
All for a Mitzvah
Tangled Vines part 1