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Returning to God
The King's Dishonest Servants
The Tune of the Torah
When Bad is Good
What's it All Worth
Drunk & Nobleman
From the Lowest to Loftiest
Mako Shark and Jewish Roots
the Flute & the High Holidays
the Baal Shem Tov & Prayer
the Mirror
Small Deeds
Where is Reb Zusha Going
Jack & the Beanstalk - Jewish style
the Thief Amongst Us
the Jewish Cowboy
Truth Happiness and the American Way
The Horse that Prayed
G-d's Partner
Great Moments Unaware
Food for the Soul
One Person Makes the Difference
My Cup has Overflowed
Master of the Field
Sherlock Holmes & Jewish Heritage

Faith versus Logic
Overcoming Frustrations
The Super-Duper Supermarket
The Righteous Thief
On Fate and Good Fortune
Running in the Rain with God
In the Hotel
Captured by a Cobra
The Mysterious Rabbi
Mishka the Thief
The Chicken the Cow and the Carp
Honor and Respect
The Rich Cantor
Tales of Chelm
No Coincidences, All From Heaven
Coming to Live in Israel
What Comes First? The Chickens or the Messiah?
Humorous Account on How Not to Fight the Satan
Yarmulkes, Yankees And A Three Run Homer
Comparision of Arab and Jewish Nobel Prize Winners
Counting Up, Counting Down
Check Up on Yourself
Actuate Your Belief In God -a Parable
Which is Man, Which is Soul?
Avraham, Abraham, and Me,
A Story of Birth and Circumcision
Does Wealth Mean Wisdom? – a Parable
Can you Carry that which Cannot be Carried?
Waiting: The story of Israel, the kite flyer
Mussar Moments at the End of My Mother’s Life
Survivors from the Refugee Boat "Exodus" Meet 64 Years Later
How You can Find a Buried Treasure
God: Using a Gift Properly makes the Giver Happy
How to Stop Worrying and Live a Tranquil Life
Shelter from the Storm: Gimme da Money!
The Rich Man and the Wise Man: is there a Relationship between Wealth and Wisdom?