The Lord is One, the Only God

            October/November 2012    
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Hear, O Israel

By James Vasquez

(from Deut. 6:4-14)

Hear, my people, Israel,
The Lord is one, the only God,
And you shall worship him alone,
For him reserve your praise and laud.

Love him mightily this day,
With all your heart, your strength, your soul.
Bow not to fashioned idols or
The names of foreign gods extol.

Let this charge be in your minds,
Your words direct to one and all,
While walking or upon your bed,
From morn to fading evenfall.

Write them plain upon your door,
Take care your children to instruct,
That from their early years they’ll know
Their lives with wisdom to conduct.

Tie them fast upon your hands,
With sturdy cords attach them well,
For then my righteous paths you’ll know,
And be prepared my ways to tell.

When the Lord your God shall bring
Your people to the land he swore,
To Abraham, to Isaac and
To Jacob, men of ancient lore,

Cities built not by your hands,
With houses, amply furnished and
Deep wells close by with olive groves,
Fine vineyards growing ’cross the land,

Caref’ly keep in mind the Lord,
When you have filled yourselves with food,
Who brought you out from slavery,
And all of Pharoah’s might subdued.

Fear the Lord, serve him alone,
Your oaths take only in his name.
A jealous God is he who knows
His people, of deceitful fame.


from the October/November 2012 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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