Poem: Can a moral man maintain his moral code in an immoral world?

            January 2013    
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Watching Uprising

By Y. Nahshon

The way this world is rolling

we're all looking for our Mars

Some safe place to escape to

when it all falls apart

Some fly to the holy city

within the promised land

Some disappear to the jungle

Some bury heads deep in the sand

Some people pray to many gods

Some turn facing the east

Some run around plotting war

saying their religion means peace

Some live for today

Some will die by tomorrow

Some pledge their life to the government

Some to the almighty dollar

I don't know the answers

Don't fully understand the game

Turns out every know-it-all

has some trick card that they're playing

Tonight we watch Uprising

and Mordechai asks the world

"Can a moral man maintain his moral code

in an immoral world?"


from the  January 2013 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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