Two Poems for Passover

        March 2013    
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Winds of Freedom

By Mindy Aber Barad

Dried buds fly in

On the winds of freedom

And with them

A hint

Just a hint

Of crumbs

What to do?

Sweep the wind?

Heavy cloak

Of night jasmine

Soothes our scoured nerves

Freedom is in the air.



trees draped in pink and mauve petals

mattresses pounded



a week’s worth

of weighty matzahs

wrapped in brown paper

waiting quietly in a corner

to sit heavily

in the bellies

of freedom.

spring’s blossoms

Nissan’s blessings

caught in the breeze

blown in

on the whisper of freedom.

the scent of lemon and bleach

is lifted on the wings

of circling swallows

who build their nests

with twigs

that are not prohibited

this coming week.



from the March 2013 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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