How to Raise Happy Children and Avoid the Pitfalls

            January 2014    
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Five Secrets for Raising Healthy and Happy Children

By Arthur Rosen

Three: Development

Each child develops at his/her own pace. Just as some children begin to walk early and others begin to walk later, each child is a individual and it is best to let the child develop with out the fears of the parents entering into the relationship.

Just like each child begins to walk at a different age, yet they all do walk, so too each begins to speak at his own pace, read at his/her own pace and develop at his/her own pace.

To be an on the ball parent, you must realize the what the pace of your child is in each area of development. As long as there is progress, there is little to worry about.

However as concerned parent you must keep an eye out for exceptions. As an example, it could be that the child is falling behind in reading; as a parent you must ascertain the reason. Is the child slow in picking it up, or has no interest now in reading or is there a deeper problem.

Never take one single expert's opinion as the word of G-d rather get another opinion or even two more opinions. Experts are not the all knowing individuals that they want us to think they are. I have seen my own kids flunk certain tests and go on to be successful in life even though the experts counseled me that the child would fail.

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from the January 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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