Poem: O Israel

        May 2014    
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By Drew Nacht

O Israel


You are the only home of Gods fingerprint

The stars in the sky are your heavenly light

You are all the stars in my eyes

From the Golan Heights to the Dead Sea

I imagine holding you in a grateful hand

Blowing the breath of love into every square inch of you

Until you sail into Gods welcoming arms

Where he will adorn you  with His overpowering love

On that day, the day of jubilee

May all of your struggles be forgotten

May you be blessed to live a new history of true peace



O Israel


A long time ago, when I was a boy, a lost and lonely creature

I looked to the heavens for guidance and you came to me

Dreams of your land sang to me every night like a lullaby

Until you were no longer just a dream

Then I walked on your land, drank from your cup of life

And ate sweet pomegranates in your name



O Israel


I have seen hardship in my time on earth

I have seen the anguish of mothers who lost their sons to war

I have seen husbands and wives lose one another forever in the streets

Families torn asunder

I have seen the worst of human nature

Man against man, time and time again

The never ending cycle of victors and victims  

But none of it will ever stop me from falling to my knees to grab Israeli soil

And ponder its beauty and  miracle of being



O Israel


Be strong

Do not dismay in times of hardship

Steel yourself against your foes

Even Moses needed help ushering our people to safety through the Red Sea

Thoughts of this land will be your strength

They  will protect you against hardship

They  will propel  you to prevail



O Israel


It is you who will rise from the ashes

And defiantly plant a seed for the future

Dream of your emerging, O Israel,

Dream of the day when your land and its people

Receive a blessing from the rest of the world

When the world acknowledges you for all you were meant to be

The long, lost buried treasure of every nation!


from the May 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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