Understanding Islam and Sharia Law

        July 2014    
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Sharia Law!

By Joe David © 2014

    Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger or who corrupt others will be executed, crucified, amputated at hands and feet, or exiled. This will be their disgrace for their evil act in this world; a heavy punishment awaits them in the Hereafter.

      -   Quran 5:33

Sharia law as taught to Muslims in the Quran and Hadith (the teachings of Mohammed) covers almost every aspect of human behavior. This includes matters of religion, politics, economics, and even personal habits such as hygiene, diet, prayer, etiquette, charity, burial, fasting and more. For Muslims, the law is absolute and comprehensive, and it leaves no room for individual freedom.

Among the worst crimes a Muslim can commit are unlawful intercourse (zina), false accusation of unlawful intercourse (kadhf), drinking intoxicants (shurb al-khamr), theft (sariqah), unlawful robbery (hirabah), and apostasy (ridda). The punishment for disobeying the law can be quite severe punished, anything from public flogging to stoning. Serious crimes, at least by civilized standards, like butchering and enslaving non-believers, are encouraged, and they are rewarded and hailed as a victory for Allah.

Devout Muslims accept these laws unconditionally. It is for them a way of life, a divine path to eternal happiness. Non-believers, on the other hand, consider crime and punishment under sharia law as medieval and barbaric, not only as it applies to non-Muslims, but as it applies to Muslims as well.

In 2011, for example, a 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl was raped by a cousin, three times her age. Without male witnesses to corroborate her charges of rape, villagers regarded it as a "consenting" act. For her "consent" she was to receive 101 lashes. After 70, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where she died.

Sometimes there is no crime (at least by western standards), as in the case of the Saudi girls in 2002 who attempted to escape a burning school in Mecca improperly dressed (without headscarves and black robes). According to news reports, the Saudi religious police stopped the girls from exiting the building. As a result, fifteen girls died needlessly in the fire.

Such outrageous crimes against man aren't just performed in Muslim countries. In 2013, two Muslim men of Nigerian descent have been held as suspects in the brutal murder of a British soldier during daylight hours in a busy London intersection. One suspect, his hands soaked in blood, was filmed holding a cleaver and a knife. The soldier's crime: he fought against Muslims in the Afghanistan war.

Below are some examples of other crimes that have made international news.

    · In 2009, an Iranian pastor was arrested, convicted of apostasy, and placed on death row for converting to Christianity from Islam. During his arrest, he was promised freedom if he recanted his religious beliefs and return to Islam. He refused. His story became international news. As a result, pressure was placed on Iran by the outside world, and in 2013 he was set free.

    · In 2009, thirteen Sudanese women were rounded up in Khartoum for violating the public indecency law; ten of them were fined and publicly flogged. Their crime: wearing jeans outdoor.

    · In 2011, a 19-year-old Turkish woman was stabbed 40 times by her brother. The reason given for killing her was because she dishonored the family by running off with her boyfriend.

    · In 2012 a Kwaiti man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for insulting the Prophet Mohammed and the Sunni Muslin rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in an uncomplimentary tweet about them.

    · In 2013, a Muslim terrorist group stormed a Franciscan school in Bani Suef, Egypt, and raped two nuns. The victims' crime: they were infidels.

    · In 2014, a Sudanese woman, raised as a Christian, was accused of apostasy for refusing to renounce Christianity and assume her deceased father's Muslim faith. Her punishment under sharia law was to be 100 lashes and death. Fortunately, international outrage resulted in her release.

Despite numerous news reports from mainstream and online sources, many leaders of the civilized world, specifically in Europe and America, are attempting to hide such barbarianism by claiming that "Islam is a religion of peace" and those Muslims committing such crimes are only a small percentage of terrorists. (Seven percent is the often-quoted number. Seven percent of two billion Muslims worldwide, though, isn't a small number by anyone's standards.)

In a move to protect U.S, citizens from Sharia law, which is creeping into America's mainstream society, some U.S. states have passed legislation which forbids judges from considering foreign law. To test the limits of America's resolve, Muslim supremacists are using unconventional ways to fight back. Here are a few examples from the past few years:

    · In 2007, Muslim cab drivers in St. Paul-Minneapolis airport refused to provide service to passengers with alcohol or dogs. Their efforts to impose this ban failed.

    · In 2007, US Congressman Keith Ellison (a democrat from Minnesota) established a precedent by becoming the first congressman to be sworn into office on a Quran.

    · In 2009, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) successfully halted the distribution of permission slips in a Detroit-area public school to Christian students who were invited to attend a local Bible-study group. A few years later, CAIR won permission for Muslim children to have "prayer accommodations" at a Detroit-area public school and to leave school early on Fridays for jumu'ah prayer. Christians, incidentally, have been forbidden to pray in public schools, since it was banned by the Supreme Court in 1962.

    · In 2012, the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, defended a Muslim prisoner's First Amendment rights to receive Ramadan meals in jail by striking down a district court's decision to the contrary. On the other hand, Hobby Lobby, a for-profit, Christian-owned company, received no consideration on religious grounds for refusing to provide contraceptive coverage for its employees as mandated in the ObamaCare law. Although the IRS threatened to impose millions of dollars in fines for non-compliance of the law, the company boldly challenged the law - and overturned it two years later!

    · In 2013, the Obama Administration for reasons unknown to the general public closed a chapel serving the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia and denied mass to the military until further notice. The Archdiocese for the military warned the priests that if they violated this decision they could be arrested. Concerned about this issue, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives passed a resolution that would allow the chaplains to perform their religious duties, but the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate ignored it.

    · In 2014, the Democrats in the Florida senate were successfully halted by a Republican majority at attempting to defeat a bill that would bar foreign laws to be considered in the state.

In their determination to win the battle against the West, jihadists are stopping at nothing including bullying (through acts of terrorisms, nuclear threats, fatwas, and political pressure) and propaganda (through groups like CAIR) to impose sharia law on the rest of the world.

To protect itself, the West, especially America, will have to awaken from its slumber and view Islam for what it is - not a religion, but a totalitarian dictatorship determined to bury civilization. Failure can lead to another 9/11. But this time, thanks to America's weak border protection, its neutered Washington leaders, and the bomb, the next major attack can easily be more devastating than 9/11.

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Joe David is the author of The Infidels, a moving story about the World War I genocide against Assyrian Christians led by Muslim Turks. His other writings include The Fire Within and Teacher of the Year and numerous articles for magazines, newspapers and the Internet.


from the July 2014 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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