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Hamas and Us

By Amos Ben Ami

Many people in the USA and Israel were disappointed that the fanatic terrorist group Hamas won the elections in the West Bank taking power from the current Palestine Authority ruling Fatah. The underlying concept is that Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party were the doves in comparison to Hamas which the United States declared to be a terrorist organization. Following that logic there is much room for future trepidation. The reasoning being that Hamas will be worse than the Abbas and his Fatah.

But is that really so?

The truth of the matter is that there really is little difference between two in terms of terror. The exception is that Hamas being the challenger to Fatah preached openly that terrorism is the means to achieve their goals. Fatah on the other hand is remembered as the party of Yassir Arafat, who spoke to the world of peace but used terror against the Jews.

Now the fact that the USA designates only the Hamas as a terror group and not the Fatah, is really due to political expediency. They had hoped to "kosher the pig" by putting a stamp of kashrus upon Arafat. But it backfired; Arafat took advantage of his "seal of kashrus" to take money from the Western Nations to build his personal terror organization. But the Fatah is no less a terror group than Hamas, they just learned how to lie better than the Hamas.

Most people, both Israelis and non-Israelis were duped by this "legal recognition" accorded to Arafat to think that he would make peace with Israel. Arafat played to the Israeli dream of living in peace with their Arab neighbors. But Arafat and his Fatah gave them no peace.

Perhaps it is to our benefit that the Hamas is now in power. We have reached a realization that there is really no one to talk with about peaceful co-existence. Fatah does not believe in the right of Jews to live in their "Palestine", meaning all of Israel. This is part of the Islamic faith. Israel is an affront to Islam, it was their land (under the Muslim Turks) and now they believe that the infidel Jews must be removed. (If you have not yet read the Koran, please read it and know that the Islamists are instructed by the Koran to conquer the world. the Jew and Christian are its sworn enemy.)

Perhaps something good will come of the Hamas taking power in the territories: the realization that the large majority of the Arabs in the street do support them and terror. The truth is that it is not something that the average Arab has to consider; he has been educated from his early years to view the Jew and the American as the enemy whom he has a duty to either kill or aid those who participate in the "holy" jihad.

Like Hitler before us, Hamas has pledged to take over Israel and remove the "infidel" inhabitants from their lands. Also like the British give in to Hitler that allowed him to begin his take over of Czechoslovakia, so too the West and many in Israel prefer to let the terrorist grow in might hoping that Hamas with their friends in Iran could not possibly start another war.

But Hamas is smart. Time is on their side. They are now planning to create a Palestinian army, to acquire as much sophisticated weaponry as possible and to create allies in the neighboring Arab countries that will come to join them in battle when they fulfill their promise to their constituents to drive the Jews out of their land.

We must not stand by silently like Chamberlain did when he gave Hitler the Sudenland. Neville Chamberlain accepted Hitler's assurances that he wanted peace. The British had told the Czechs that they would not fight to save the Sudenland. The Czechs therefore chose to cede part of their territory rather than fight for it. Within a year, Hitler had taken over the rest of Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain's concession of the Sudenland wetted Hitler's appetite to conquer more.

Had Britain and France been united against Germany from the beginning, Hitler would never have been so successful in conquering so much territory and murdering so many innocent people.

Let us hope that the election of a certified terrorist group sworn to the destruction of Israel will sober up those who believe that we can live with them. We can not; they understand only power through terror.

It is important to realize that now is the best time to strike Hamas and break it, before it gets better organized and progresses on the road to our destruction. The West and especially Israel have made tremendous mistakes by wishfully hoping that the terrorist mind will mellow and desire peace and co-existence.

We may have been fooled by Arafat's duplicity, let us not sleep while Hamas plants the seeds of our destruction. Like the 1981 Israeli raid on the budding Syrian nuclear reactor under construction at Osirak stopped Syria from developing a nuclear bomb and enabled relative quiet on Israel northern border, so something must be done to stop Hamas from developing the means to kill us.


from the March 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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