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The Tomb of Rachel
the Churva
the Sefad Earthquake
the Dead Sea
the Haunted Synagogue of Safed
the Ancient Ark of the Covenant
Ein Harod
Tel Quasile - Archaeology
Antiquities from the Golan
Caesarea - Archaeology
Jerusalem: In Search of the Maccabees
Tower of David
Gamla Revisited
the Ancient city of Zippori
Mt. Sinai in Archaeology
the Banyas
Beit Guvrin Archeology
Tel Afek - Archaelolgy
Archaeology - Beit She'an
The Tabernacle and the Temple
Gamla in the Golan
Archaeology in Ashkelon
Archaeology & the Temple Mount
at the Wailing Wall
Ancient Synagogues Bar'am and Capernaum
Life in Efrat
New Mode of Connecting to G-d at the Kotel
Tombs in Jerusalem's Valleys
Herod's Palace in Jerusalem
Ovda - the Israeli Experience
Tour Guiding in the West Bank
Bread Mills in the Lower Galilee
Ein Gedi
Tel Lachish
Archaeology in Hatzor
The Temple and the Sanctuary
Archaeology - Tel Dan
Archaeology - The Ancient City of David in Jerusalem
Archaeology - Be'er Sheva
The Gates & Wall of Jerusalem
Joseph's Tomb

Archeology in Israel - Bethsaida
The Wall
Hebron - Archeology
The Nimrod Fortress
The Ramban Synagogue
Herodian, the Lavish Palace of Herod
Day Ten Visiting Israel
Israel Through Different Eyes
Timna - Archeology in Israel
Archeology in Israel - Apollonia
House of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook
Archeology in Israel - Herodion
Jewish Antiquities at Qasr Al-Amir
Visiting the Menachem Begin Heritage Center
Tel Shilo: Ancient City that Hosted the Ark of God for 369 Years
The Unknown Parts of the Hebrew University
Ezra's Temple, Herod's Temple and Ezekiel's vision of the Third Temple
Annals of a Traveler: Herzl Museum
Touring the Central Zionist Archives
A Hike to Another World
To be a free people in our land
Jerusalem is One
Israel and Humanitarian Respect
Flashback to 1948 at the Begining of Statehood
Herzl Day - Did You Ever Hear of it?
What is New in Jerusalem: The Harp or the Finger? Who is Getting the "Shaft?"
Music in the Holy Temple
Small Wineries in Israel
Sarona the Kirya in Tel Aviv was founded by the Templars - History
The Little Known Story of a Reverend John Stanley Grauel who helped make Israel Possible
The Fall of Beitar and the begining of the Jewish exile
A Jewish Story takes us back to the Temple service in Jerusalem
Stories from my father: A Boy in the Jewish Underground in British Mandate Palestine
Living in the West Bank - Is He a Jew or Israeli?
Visiting Israel: Givat Ha'Tormossim
Mourning and Moaning: Reflections on Aliyah
Visiting the Agnon House in Jerusalem
Rediscovering the beauty and the Love of the Land of Israel
Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Touristís Guide
The Temple Mount is the Heart of Jewish Israel
The Wonderful Shabbat in Sfat
Visiting Wineries North of Jerusalem Traveling in and around Jerusalem
The Tomb of Yehudah Bar Ilia
Discriminationfor Being a Jew Visiting the Temple Mount
One Kibbutz, Two Summers: Notes on Changes in the Kibbutz System After 40 Years of Absence: What are the Striking Changes?
The Temple Mount in Words and Photographs: The Sacred and the Profane
Volunteering to Help the Israeli Army