Israel's 2006 Astrological Horoscope


Israel's 2006 Astrological Horoscope


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Horoscope for Israel, 2006

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag Staff

Each new year we check with our trusted friend Yaakov Kronenberg, a Jerusalem resident who blends his time between teaching Kabbalah and gazing at the stars. We are interested to hear from Yaakov what do the stars have in store for Israel as she begins a new year.

In the past, Yaakov has given us such startling predictions such as gold going up drastically and Sharon's succumbing only to his own bad health. So we are anxious to hear what he sees in Israel's horoscope.

Since May is the time of the modern state of Israel's birth, the new year for the Jewish state's horoscope is renewed at this time. We wanted to hear first hand what Yaakov saw in the stars for the new year.

Starting with the leading personality, Ehud Olmert is the new figure who has taken over the reigns from Ariel Sharon. His chart shows that he is a talented man, with much energy and ability to get along with people and groups, but he has many of his planets in fall and in detriment. (Ehud Barak has the same problem as Olmert.) This aspect causes him to operate in a very physical manner as opposed to spiritual, - meaning that he does not operate according to ideals or philosophy, rather he concerned with getting what he can in this world.

In addition to this, he has a very powerful conjunction of four planets, Neptune, Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter. The Sun with Neptune makes him very egotistical; Jupiter makes him think that he is better than every one else. The most dangerous aspect is the conjunction of Neptune with Mercury. A person with this aspect can do any deed in the world and convince himself that he is correct. This is the aspect that we will unfortunately be seeing more of in the future.

Looking at his position without the stars, he appears secure in his office and popularity. From viewpoint of the stars, we see a much different story.

From the side of Israel's national chart, Saturn is still very powerful and malicious in the house of the ruling party. This will lead to the downfall in the coming year of the Israeli government.

The economy should continue to grow, but it looks like inflation will begin to sprout again. This will cause interest rates to go up accordingly.

In terms of security, we are going to see trouble with our neighbors as usual. Israel is going to be concerned with their world image, trying to increase their "righteousness" in relations to the Hamas. Unfortunately it is questionable if the world will agree with them, and it is a matter of time until the world begins to agree with Hamas. It seems that there will be legal troubles for the country since Pluto is going over the country's Jupiter.

It appears also that the Arabs will be going through a period of extreme tension that could even lead to civil war. This also seen in Pluto going over Jupiter, which will cause the Jews to be blamed for their problems.

From my study of Kabbalah, it seems that since our enemy is a religious foe, we need now a leader that is religious. This type of leader is the only type that can effectively combat their venom. Unfortunately, Olmert and Kadima are very far from this. In addition, there is no religious leader that appears to fulfill this quality.

We at the Jewish Magazine wish to thank Yaakov for sharing with us his horoscope predictions and insights and want to wish him success as he is now opening a new Yeshiva dedicated to the study of Kaballah. You can reach Yaakov at for information about his new Kaballah Yeshiva or to have horoscope custom made for you.


from the May 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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