My lips shall ever bear the praise


Psalm 34


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Psalm 34

By James Vasquez

My lips shall ever bear the praise
Of him who reigns supreme,
And daily to extol the Lord
Shall be my chosen theme.

My soul waits not to boast in him,
Oh, let the poor rejoice,
When sounds of gladness are perceived
From my unwearied voice.

Now hear my call you peoples and
Your tongues, your songs enroll,
And let us glorify the Lord,
As one his name extol.

He answered when I sought him, from
My fears delivered me.
Now look to him and radiant shall
Your faces ever be.

This poor man cried aloud to him,
His voice above was heard.
From all his troubles he was saved
For God himself bestirred.

And those who, fearing God, assure
Their ways with his accord,
Shall find encamping round about
The angel of the Lord.

Oh, taste and see, the Lord is good,
And blest are those who take
Their rest but ‘neath his wings and there
All other help forsake.

Now fear the Lord you saints for thus
Of naught you’ll lack or need.
Though lions hunger, yet shall he
All good to you concede.

My children, come and may your ears
Attend to what I teach.
To fear the Lord I offer now,
Your needful hearts to reach.

For if you have a love for life
And wish for many days,
Then keep your tongue from evil and
Your lips from devious ways.

Your face now turn from evil deeds.
Let only good be done.
Seek peace with others, failing not,
Pursuing till it’s won.

For on the righteous do the eyes
Of God forever rest.
He hears their cries and answers well,
As all his works attest.

But ‘gainst all men of evil bent
His face is firmly set,
To cut from earth their labors and
Each scornful memory yet.

And closely will he walk with those
Of grieving, broken heart.
Though crushed in spirit he will save
And life anew impart.

The righteous man his weakness knows
When troubles shall appear,
But in them all deliverance
From God is ever near.

No bone of his is broken for
In safety does he rest,
As if in God’s protecting hand,
A safe, invited guest.

And evil will the wicked slay,
Condemned as foes of all
His servants whom the Lord redeems
And who for refuge call.


from the June 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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