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Getting Close to the Edge: Liberalism and Lunacism

By Arthur Rosen

I have always considered myself a liberal Jew. In college I was part of the S.D.S., I fought for civil rights and even though after college when I entered the working world, I have always felt strongly that all people should be treated in a fair and just manner irregardless to religion, race or national origin.

The concept of helping others, meaning other people who suffer from disadvantages that I enjoy has always been an important part in my life. Liberalism to me was aiding others to enrich their lives through economic and intellectual advantages that are available to some but should be available to all.

Although, I still consider myself a liberal, I reached a turning point in my life and it happened slowly, almost unnoticeable. I realized that it is fine to be a liberal, but it is not an idea that can be universally applied. Move over, there is more to being a liberal then just dogma. One must constantly think and weigh events.

Ever since 9/11 and the American involvement with Arab Islamic terrorism, coupled with my own interests in the welfare of the State of Israel (I have close relatives living there), I began to realize that the concept of liberalism was not at all compatible with the goals of Islam. Compatible? Just the opposite is true! Islamic leaders seem to use liberals and their feelings of universal equality to advance the totalitarian goals of their religion.

Whereas the crusade to help the American Negro achieve equality was accepted by both their leaders as well as most white Americans as a process that would enable the them to achieve economic and education equality, the Islamic leadership views Liberals and Liberalism as a weak thread in society to take advantage of.

Since by virtue of a liberal's feeling the anguish of the under trodden, they have managed to benefit from our desires to see the Arabs live in an independent democratic state, both in Israel (Palestine) and in Iraq. But although they appeal to us to view the Americans or Israelis as an "oppressing force" or the "occupiers", they nevertheless deprive their own people of the freedoms that the so called "oppressors" deny.

After having sifted through a copy of the Koran, I began to realize that the concept of religious tolerance does not exist in Islam. Rather they believe in a two-tiered system. If you are a believer (not in G-d, but in Islam) then you are a first class citizen, if you fall under the category of a non-believer, an infidel (which includes Jews and Christians) then you are a second class citizen. Among the differences are legal rights and tax breaks which are dependent upon the country and ruler in which Islamic law is applied.

Islam does not have the same respect for truth and honor that the Western world does. It utilizes our respect for truth and honor to smear and dirty innocent people and murder them in order to instill fear in its own people to prevent them from speaking their mind.

This reminds me very much of Hitler's use of democracy to achieve his plans to install a dictatorial government. He used democratic methods to eliminate democracy.

Do we want that? I don't think so. Liberalism makes sense in an educated society where the virtues of equality are respected. It can not work in a framework that has no respect for human lives or property.

When Israeli Prime Minister Olmert tries to deal in an egalitarian manner with the Palestinian leaders, he is making a deadly mistake. Until the Arabs themselves shake off the aspects of their religion that restrict individual rights, we have no business in trying to help them. After seventy percent of the Palestinians voted for Hamas, can we consider them innocent victims if they are accidentally hurt by Israeli reprisals? What have they done to stop the Quasams from shelling Sederot? It is ludicrous of us to show restraint in dealing with them, yet see the Israeli government treat our own people as strangers.

The Palestinian terrorists try to harm and maim innocent people as well as military targets. They launch their Quasam attacks from inhabited areas knowing full well that reprisal will most likely cause "innocent" deaths. They choose their area carefully so that they can use the media to take advantages of civilian deaths. If they were concerned about their own people they should launch the Quasams from an empty area.

The local inhabitants are also in cahoots with the terrorists. They overwhelmingly voted for Hamas. They do not report the movements of terrorists to any authorities, be it Israeli or Palestinian. Why do they not protest when their land is used as a launching base for Quasams? If they reported it to their own people their neck would be slit with out flicking an eye.

The Arabs are responsible for their future. If like the American Negroes, the Arabs show their willingness to shed themselves of futile beliefs, then we can help them. But as long as they prefer darkness to light and ignorance to education, a democratic society will not root in Palestine or in Iraq.


from the June 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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