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Bush's Doctrine Israel Here Today Gone Tomorrow

By Stanley Zir

If there is one thing that the Jewish people know, it is the disastrous results that hate and deception bring when left unchecked by people of good conscious. Throughout history, the Jewish people have had more than enough experience with this anomaly, most recently in Germany during World War II in the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dackau where mothers and fathers were tricked into sending their own children into the gas chambers of death.

Some fifty years later I was watched a news broadcast and to my horror I witnessed an Israeli solder being thrown from a window of a Palestinian jail into the waiting arms of a frenzied mob three stories below. There he was castrated, beaten to death, and then dragged through the streets like a dog.

It becamie open season on Jews again and a new monster had stepped up to the plate. You would think the world would have learned long ago that there could be no patience or compromise with nations or people who perpetrate and condone such monstrous acts of terror, but it has not and neither has Israel.

By claiming that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the underlying cause for the increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States, the Palestinians with the full support of the Nations of the Arab league, have initiated a war of deception that is so cunning that they have been able to leverage American and Israeli peoples' genuine hopes for peace in the Mid East and parlay it into gaining time to consolidate their forces and increase support for their cause. Much to my dismay they are succeeding in this endeavor.

It now turns out that the baton for peace in the Middle East, which has been passed on to every US president since Jimmy Carter, is nothing other than a baton which brings us closer to Israel's self-destruction.

By initiating a peace plan that would continue to promote negotiations and concessions to the Palestinian population while overlooking their habitual addiction to suicide attacks on Israeli citizens, it is now obvious that President George Bush, not only bought into the Arab Two-State Peace Scam, but swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

This ruse has now reached the point where the nations of China and Russia are both willing to sacrifice the entire the nation of Israel for a chance to corner Iran's oil market in exchange by supporting Iran's "Oil for Jews" nuclear blackmail program.

Now, Israel must depend on the nations of the European Union to ward off Iran's nuclear threat, nations who, time after time, indicated that sacrificing Israel's safety was a small price to pay for preventing their own economic disaster. With the possibility of Iran securing a nuclear dirty bomb, the risk of attack from within their own nations, which is terrorist-infected, is no longer risk that they are willing to take.

To make matters worse, the American nation-building policy in the Middle East has been, and still is, to prevent Israel from exercising her inalienable right to declare a full-scale war on the Palestinian terrorist-infected population, or to destroy Iran's nuclear power plant in order to save the nation from destruction.

Did Kennedy wait first to win the hearts and minds of the Communist nations when the nuclear missiles were brought to Cuba? No! The very survival of America was at stake. He did not even wait 90 days. Tell me why has President Bush been asking Israel to wait for more than three years, when the likelihood of Iran producing a nuclear bomb is no longer a just a remote possibility?

Under what pretext did Israel's survival become an obstruction to America's nation-building policy in the Middle East? Is it for America to be successful in their policiies to spread the doctrine of democracy they must first win the hearts and gain the trust of the majority of the Muslims in the region?

Was it in a show of good faith that America continued to limit Israel's response when suicide bombers attacked her population because Muslims believe Israel is a terrorist state and the Palestinian people are the victims?

America, you cannot keep downgrading Israel from a nation of freedom-loving people into a bargaining chip by asking their citizens to sacrifice their lives, in order to satisfy any part of a terrorist agenda, in the hope of establishing democracies in the nations of the Arab League. This is a policy that is doomed to failure.

In spite of all this no one in the nation of Israel can mount a serious challenge against the status quo. Why? Because the voices of dissent have been silenced. The continued calls for a limited response in the face of continuous terrorist attacks has made King David's blood run cold in their veins.

As a result no one any longer believes in the Star of David. The righteousness of Israel's cause should have provided the strength to gain the unilateral support of the American people in order to gain a final victory over the a Palestinian terrorist agenda, despite any political opposition from the White House.

Instead Israel hitched her wagon to George Bush's Star, and supported the President's plan for Islamic nations to develop into flourishing democracies. With a Democratic Party in America that continues to pursue the abandonment of Liberty's battlefield around the globe, who could argue with this decision? It not only put Israel under the safety of President George Bush's wing but seemingly put her in the forefront of a historical movement.

The downside was Israel promised not to upset the apple cart by showing restraint in dealing with the Palestinian terrorists. As a result it put the very survival of Israel in the hands of the Bush's initiative. If Israel opposes the Bush initiative she appear as nation that opposes the spread of democracy in the Mid East. If she continued to support the Bush imitative she would continue to be bled to death by the Palestinians.

Yet knowing all this Israeli citizens continue even today to protest the injustice of Gaza, the immunity from justice of Humas and Hezbollah, and the Al Asa Martyrs' Brigade. So what is the problem here?

Israel, if is the final victory over a criminal terrorist enterprise you are seeking, you better make damn sure that the strategy and ideology that you have signed on with President Bush will achieve victory. If either the strategy or the ideology is incorrect the results for you will be predictable and tragic.

Therefore, it would be preposterous to discuss the future status of Israel without including the examination of the Bush's strategy in the war against terrorism.

President Bush's' surprise that 95% of the Palestinian people went to the poles and freely elected a terrorist backed organization speaks directly to this matter. After all it was President Bush that assured the American people before the 2005 elections in Palestine, "These elections are further proof that when given a choice all peoples seek to live in liberty and to choose their own governments."

His proclamation might have been true in the nation of Hungry in the post cold war era, but unfortunately after 9/11 and in the nations of the Arab League, the equation now changes. The reality is, the people in the nations of the Arab world like the majority in Japan in World War 11 have also consummated their marriage to their faith with a God that they have enshrined in the altar of Religious Tyranny.

Under such conditions America is now negotiating the Arab world in the hopes of gaining a foothold for liberty there. Unfortunately this means that Israel must offering lands to Terrorists in exchange for peace.

Because of this, President Bush has not overcome the plague of Religious Tyranny from his Mid-East policy, but in doing so he has taken the very teeth out of the strategy that America and Israel needs to spread democracy in the Arab world and gain a victory over terrorism. As a result President Mahmoud Abbass, who recently called suicide bombers national heroes, a sworn enemy of Israel, continues to gain credibility

Now like in Japan after World War II, it will only take a "Democracy or Else Stance" by the Untied States that can exhume the same brand of tyranny that is now poisoning the minds of the Arab people. Only then can the Arabs transform their baron lands and homegrown cultures of gloom into gardens of peace and prosperity. Only then can the creation of a nation by the Palestinian people living in peace with the Jewish people become a reality.

Now again Israel is being asked to show restraint, this time in the face of a threatened nuclear attack from Iran, a nation where the only thing that can be certified is that their lies and deceptions serve their tyrannical agendas. In the meantime Israel will be hauled back to the United Nations where China and Russia will leverage the threat of gaining control of Iran's oil market to pressure the other nations in the security counsel to water down sanctions or even oppose them.

Inevitably the self-serving policy of these two countries will result in the overwhelming majority of the nations of the world falsely blaming Iran's nuclear threat and Mid East unrest on the Israel- Palestinian conflict and call for a hasty resolution to this conflict. In any case it's a mute point when faced with the fact that the Palestine people chose Jihad, instead of Liberty through free elections

The Jewish people no longer have to prove that they have taken the moral high ground to the rest of the world by showing our restraint in dealing with murderers or anyone else that attacks them. The Jewish people's history and legacy of compassion speaks for itself. Standing up to and defeating bullies will not detract from this fact. There is no choice in this matter. Bullies are always the same - they never stop harassing men of peace until they are confronted head on and beaten.

Israel the time has arrived to make a final exodus from the politics of ignorance and deceit, you cannot claim the moral high ground or even take a breath of freedom until the enemy you have faced for centuries is now confronted and destroyed. Only a complete commitment to this course of action can lead to the real moral high ground, which is reserved for those nations who have converted their enemies to liberty through a unconditional victory over their tyrannical enterprises.

A nuclear attack on Israel, a preemptive strike by Israel on Iran, a declaration of war on the Palestinian people, you must think I am a fool, but on 9/11 the unthinkable came to pass. Now the same fools who did not think the holocaust or the attack on the World Trade Center would happen, even after years of warnings, are the very same fools who are now predicating that Iran will take anywhere from four months to four years to acquiring a nuclear bomb, and that is excluding the possibility of a nuclear suicidal dirty bomb attack on Israel by the Palestinians.

Israel you do the math


from the June 2003 Edition of the Jewish Magazine




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