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Poems on Israel


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For Israel: A Prelude and Rhyme

© by Michael Druck 2006

The Prelude:

The determination of our people
are one together and one soul.
We are as G-d, Himself has made us.
We are as one and forever whole.

We hear not the voices of others.
Their opinions are not that of G-d.
Our purposes are well defined in Torah,
as is the land, we own and trod.

And we will not succumb to intimidation.

The soul of our people is as one,
traversing both land and sea.
Ascending far out to the heavens
secure in one destiny.

And we will not yield to intimidation.

Hear O’Israel, the soul of our people
is forever and is one.
Hear o’worldly nations,
you are just noise and done.

You are heard only by each other,
and not by G-d.

The Rhyme:

Israel, dear as life to thee,
from that majestic hill.
With words from Torah’s melody,
music, then and still.

It casts its meanings
for our soul, and only we can tell
what thing there is that possesses us
and brings its magic spell.

Beloved country to muse upon
from ancient days of old.
And those who gave their lives to thee,
brave and ever bold.

We possess this ancient land.
Its breath we hold so dear.
We are the very soul of it.
It is what we revere.

And when we wander far from it,
we see it in our dreams.
And mark the place where scholars stood,
holy and serene.

That holy place, that G-dly face.
It is both yours and mine.
Where the honor of our people stand
for now and the rest of time.

Secure and not yielding to intimidation.


from the September 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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