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Astrological Forecast for 5767

By Yaakov Kronenberg

As with each year the Jmag staff sits down with our good friend and Kabbalist, Yaakov Kronenberg, to hear from him directly what he has seen in the Jewish horoscope and stars regarding the new Jewish year.

In our last interview, Yaakov, you predicted that there would be heighten tension with the Arabs, certainly there was, not just Hamas, but with Hezbollah too. You had mentioned that the Arabs would have a civil war, and certainly we have seen that there is much infighting coupled with the inability of the Arabs to achieve any unity. And your prediction that Israel would continue with financial prosperity was also correct.

What can you tell us now for the new Jewish year?

Yaakov: Generally speaking I see changes coming in the Israeli government. Ehud Olmert has a very bad chart. The only thing that keeps him in power is the lack of a replacement. Bibi has a very serious chart, meaning that he is a responsible person, works hard, but he has a problem that he is disliked.

This past year, 5766, and streching into the first quarter of 5767, shows that Israel has a fairly strong chart. This means that they can accomplish things, for the good or the bad. But next year's chart, 5767, which really starts approximately April of 2007, shows the government becoming very weak. This means that it will become very difficult for the government to do anything. The house of the opposition will become much stronger and the government will fall. However, financially they seem to have good signs and I look forward to continuing prosperity.

In terms of war and peace, I see the entire world at the beginning of World War III. Sometimes there are some flare-ups and at other times there are periods of quiet and lulls. The Arabs want to take over. Behind the scenes, where we do not realize what is happening, each side is making moves to take over the other side.

In terms of America, the elections will difficult for the incumbents. There is a two and one half period in which Saturn is in the sign of Leo, which means that Leo signifies rulers and Saturn signifies disgrace and dislike. This will be all over the world, we will see many leaders rejected, as I predicted previously. Blair is going to retire. Olmert's approval rating is now down to seven percent, Bush is going through a period of extreme dislike. This will continue for another year.

America is under the influence of Neptune which indicates a lack of direction in their policies. They are not really certain what to do. They are probably trying to do things behind the scenes. Their economy is beginning to head for hard times, in about a year I see the stock market in difficult straits. Right now Saturn is in the house of Homes. Saturn indicates contractions, falls, and Homes indicates prices of housing will drop, which I predicted a year ago. Next year Saturn moves into the house of Investments, which means that the stock markets and investments will be heading for a serious turn down. This should start around spring or summer of 2007, although it might begin earlier.

Bush and Sharon had one sign in common. They both had the ruling planets in the house of secret enemies. Each one was basically elected to deal with their country's enemies. Sharon did what he did and is gone. The question remains if Bush will do any better in dealing with America's enemies. Bush is very Martian, meaning that he will attack his enemies. The question is how much is he being held back by the American people and world pressure.

Looking at Bush's chart for this year of his life (from july 6, 2006 to July 6, 2007) we see that his aspects of force and the desire to rule over other is very strong. It is coming to the fore at this time. This leads me to think that Bush may take some military action against Iran, but he will first wait fopr the senatorial elections to be over with in November. I expect his rhetoric to escalate in a March to June time frame with a possibility of military action.

In the Palestinian areas, Pluto is in the third house, meaning that there is going to be something close to a civil war and with much oppression of the Arabs. It probably will not do us any good and we may be blamed for it.

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from the October 2006 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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