Jewish Astrological Horoscope Forecast for 2007


Jewish Astrological Horoscope Forecast for 2007


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What Will 2007 Bring?

By Jmag Staff and Yaakov Kronenberg

Yaakov Kronenberg, our resident kabbalist, has given the Jewish Magazine many startling and interesting predictions for the future. Predictions that we have seen materialize with our own eyes. He currently heads a small kabbalist yeshiva in Jerusalem and in his spare time he enjoys making horoscopes.

Yaakov has given us such startling predictions such as gold going up drastically and that Sharon would succumb only to his own bad health. So we were anxious to hear what he sees in the new 2007 horoscope forecast. Last time we spoke with him he had predicted that incumbents would have difficult time being re-elected and we saw that the Republicans lost heavily.

He also predicted that the Arabs would be going through a period of extreme tension that could even lead to civil war. We see that happening now.

So we put the question to Yaakov, what do you forecast for 2007?

Yaakov: The horoscopes show a continuation of the last year. Saturn is in Leo which is not a good combination. Leo represents kingship and government; Saturn is the planet of bad news. That means that for two and a half more years it will be bad news for most governments - which we have already seen in the process of change. Many governments are changing; there is the death of leaders, (Sharon and Castro – both not functioning as leaders) and voters upsetting current incumbent governments. The Republicans were overthrown in the House and the Senate. We have seen a number of governments in Europe change: such as the change in Germany, Blair is leaving in England, France is going to have elections soon and a change is very likely. In Israel, Olmert is basically disregarded, but since the opposition is even more disrespected, the people feel that they have no options but to continue with poor leadership. In many countries we will see governments being replaced by their citizens.

Also we see that Islamic countries have increased their desire to control the world. They are moving weapons into Iraq, into Lebanon and into the Palestinian controlled areas. Ecuador which was a Western oriented government just got replaced by an extreme socialist anti-American government which is close politically and geographically to Venezuela which is super anti-American. Both of these countries have been reported letting Al-Queda come into to open bases and ferment discontent in other republics in South America.

Also the radical Islam is starting new front in Somalia. They want to gain control in North East Africa to control shipping. America is supporting Ethiopia in fighting against Somalia so that the radial Islamics should not gain a threshold in Africa.

The Islamics see that America has limited troops and no other country wants to help, therefore they are re-channeling their terror objectives from merely blowing up buildings or airplanes to take over entire countries.

They are trying to take over Europe by aiding large population groups to move there and gaining control of the political system. In other countries they are trying to take over militarily. This year they may try to go into Pakistan where there are nuclear weapons and maybe in several Asian countries where there exists Islamic populations. It is possible that they will try to gain control of countries of the former Soviet Union which have oil fields.

It seems like this is the beginning of a major world war. The Islamics are making the major moves in a covert manner and the West is not responding. The question is what will the West do? Will it respond? Or will the West act like Israel, letting the Arabs build up strength and wait to respond only when there is a major attack.

Bush's nature according to his horoscope is not to wait but since he has political problems he feels that it is necessary to holding back. Talking about Saturn in Leo, George Bush has Leo on his focal point and Saturn has been on it for the last year and a half. Now it is starting to pull a way. He has been very limited during this period, everything has been going against him and now it seems like he is at a turning point. Things will start to go better for him and he will feel freer to take action and do what he thinks should be done. It is very possible that America will attack Iran this coming year since Iran is one of the major fermentors of terror today.

Also in the coming year, we will see more and more economic fighting over limited natural resources. China and India are growing tremendously and are beginning to modernize as are many other smaller nations in Asia and Africa who are trying to develop themselves. This is putting a strain on natural resources such as iron, nickel, steel, copper, wood, oil, even agricultural products. As the world's population grows and uses agricultural lands for large population settlement, the needs of these enlarged population masses are beginning to increase and the available natural resources begin to diminish. We may even see fights over some of these resources, such as water.

In the first stage, each country will try to tie up natural resource for themselves. Later on, meaning in a few years, the needs for the resources may even lead to war, especially for water. For investments, natural resources could be a very good place to invest your money.

We thank Yaakov for sharing with us his horoscope predictions and insights. We wish him continuing success with his Kabbalistic Yeshiva. for information about his new Kaballah Yeshiva or to have horoscope custom made for you, write to Yaakov at


from the January 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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