Our refuge and our strength is God


Psalms: Our refuge and our strength is God


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Psalm 46

By James Vasquez

Our refuge and our strength is God,
No trouble that we face
Shall rise without his presence known,
Each hardship to embrace.

And thus no fear shall we allow,
Though earth itself give way,
Though mountains to the sea are thrown
And violent quakes display.

There is a river whose broad streams
Make glad that city bright,
Where God Most High does ever dwell
In holy, radiant light.

She will not fall for God within
Her walls shall make her stand,
At break of day he hastes to aid
With his almighty hand.

Though nations are in uproar and
The kingdoms reel and fall,
He lifts his voice, commands his word,
And fire covers all.

And thus we sing, “Within our gates
The Lord Almighty dwells,”
And Jacob’s God, our fortress, hears
Each voice of praise that swells.

Come see the works the Lord has done,
The desolations he
Has brought on all who dwell on earth,
Each just catastrophe.

He brings an end to wars throughout
The earth, he breaks the bow,
He shatters every spear, the shields
In evening fires glow.

“Be still and know that I am God,
I will exalted be
Among the nations of the earth
Who shall my glory see.”

The Lord Almighty dwells with us,
The God of Jacob here,
Our fortress shall he ever be,
Let men behold and fear.


from the January 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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