Two Poems - Jerusalem and Raoul


Two Poems - Jerusalem and Raoul


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Two Poems

By David Ben Reuven

Raoul, We Thank You

Raoul we thank you
We never shall forget
How you came to help us
In our distress,
Like an angel of rescue
Like a shining star
May the Lord protect you
Wherever you are.

We were so helpless
Knowing not what to do
But unhesitatingly
You ran to save us Jews

Raoul we love you
Though you're far away
Raoul we want you
Back with us one day

Raoul we bless you
For the thousands you saved
With your steadfast courage
And the example you gave.

We shall always remember you
We shall never forget
Your name will live on with us
Forever in your debt.
Lost in the Gulag
Disappeared without trace
But here in our hearts
You have pride of place.

Copyright May 2005, This song will be available on expanded CD "Beacons in the Dark" due out shortly.

* * * * *

Jerusalem of Old, Jerusalem of New

Jerusalem of old
Jerusalem of new
Jerusalem of gold
Wondrous to behold

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem…

This is the city where the Temple stood
And where the Wall remains
This is the city where King David reigned
Holy city that was lost and finally regained
Jerusalem is its name

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem…

Jerusalem of peace
Jerusalem of prayer
Capital of Israel
Holy city without compare…

Jerusalem , Jerusalem
Jerusalem , Jerusalem

We sighed for you
We pined for you
For 2000 years we wept for you
And kept you in our hearts
After the centuries of exile
Of persecution and pain
Suddenly what joy
To be home in Jerusalem again

Jerusalem of joy
Jerusalem of light
Jerusalem of love
Forever our delight…

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Jerusalem of old
Jerusalem of new
Jerusalem of gold
Calling out to me and you,

Copyright September 2005,


from the August 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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