Two Jewish Poems


Two Jewish Poems


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Two Poems

By Judy Karbritz © 2007



Family at War © 2007

I must confess I’ve many a doubt
What this family feud is all about
They won’t discuss it, are in denial
Was it Dan’s barmitzvah or Leigh’s bat chayil?

Sadly now the sisters don’t speak
Though they were both at the butchers last week
Saying Good Yomtov to all but each other
Even starting to look like their mother

Their husbands and children are also involved
Yet it all so easily could have been solved
One could have said sorry, a hug and a kiss
A united family instead of all this

In Marks the sisters were in the same aisle
But couldn’t even manage a smile
They both bought herring but neither was able
To swallow their pride and eat round one table

They sat far apart at a family wedding
And through generations this broigus is spreading
The cousins who used to be very good friends
Now side with their mothers, where will it all end?

In shul we pray for countries at war
Bombings and shootings, what is it all for?
But how can we hope for a world that’s at peace
When a woman won’t speak to her sister or niece


* * * * *


Gran © 2007

(Written for Boston, my grandson)

My Gran boasts almost constantly
That I’m her little lamb
So gorgeous and intelligent
But let me tell you of my Gran

My Gran has said a hundred times
How good as gold I am
But what chance have I otherwise
Imprisoned in this pram

Gran likes to boast I’m very bright
She’s tells ‘most everyone
My reading age is 13 months
Although I’m weeks off one

Gran tells me when I’m all grown up
A doctor I will be
And as I don’t know what it is
It’s hard to disagree

Gran says to call her Bubbe
But I think she’s confused
Because she calls me Bubeleh
She doesn’t know who’s who

Gran says that I have got her nose
Her mouth, her ears, her eyes
But as they’re still stuck on her face
She’s telling porky pies

She loves to sing me lullabies
About Baa Baa Black Sheep
Her voice is flat and so off-key
I cannot get to sleep

Gran loves to give my cheeks a pinch
She threatens that she’ll eat me
But as like me she’s got no teeth
How she will, defeats me

My Gran is smiley all the time
She wears a constant grin
At least I think that’s what it is
And not another chin

Gran’s face is very colourful
Pink lips and bright red cheeks
One day’s supply of perfume would
Keep Boots stocked-up for weeks

My Gran is always dieting
But when she gives me tea
She eats the biscuits that I leave
And thinks that I don’t see

When Gran first gave me chocolate
She said “What a disgrace”
She spat twice on her handkerchief
And quickly wiped my face

My Gran is lovely really
By far the very best
The bestest place in all the world
Is snuggled in her chest

In spite of all my joshing
I really love my Gran
I know she loves me twice as much
As any person can

She says that I’m perfection
That seems so very strange
Because she said I smell as though
Right now I need to change

Judy Karbritz is a London based performance poet who writes with gentle humour on subjects that affect us all. Many of her poems are featured in her latest book: Have I Got A Poem For You! available at


from the August 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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