Psalm 138 - My praise I render, Lord




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Psalm 138

By James Vasquez

Withholding naught within my heart,
My praise I render, Lord,
Your worthiness before the gods,
In joyous song outpoured.

And toward your holy temple now,
I bow to praise your name,
Your love and faithfulness shall I,
This day and eer acclaim.

Above all things your name and word,
You have exalted high,
Now bold and stout of heart I am,
In answer to my cry.

And let the praise of kings on earth,
To you above ascend,
When words proceeding from your mouth,
Their sluggish hearing rend.

Your ways, O Lord, shall be their song,
Your glory evermore,
From high you know the lowly but,
The proud deign to ignore.

Though trials beset my life each day,
Im kept by your right hand,
My foes deep anger dashed as you,
Fulfill what you have planned.

Your love endures for aye, O Lord,
Now grant your works as well,
Shall not forsaken find themselves,
But all your glory tell.


from the September-October 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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