Would Israel Exist if We can go back and change history??


Israeli professor says Time Travel possible!


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By Judith Rice

Israeli professor says Time Travel possible!

"With the help of Professor Amos Ori (Professor of Physics at Haifa's Technion University), we might just be able to go back and stop the screw-ups from happening in the first place," Judy Siegel wrote about the scientific possibility of time travel in the Jerusalem Post August 3, 2007.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed what if science fiction was not fiction? What if H.G. Well's book "The Time Machine" might someday be real? I even read the book twice. "The Time Machine" was published in 1895, one year before Theodor Herzl's, "Der Judenstaadt" (The Jewish State, 1896).

Most Jews believed "Der Judenstaadt" was equally fictitious.

My mind would drift among clouds, wandering, dreaming and hoping of what might be. It was like a wished for fairy tale with a happy ending. Well's Time Machine traveler went far into the future, to another reality of good and evil. The main character was never named. He went to another life on this earth. It was a future of horrific duality, created by something terrible, perhaps an evolved calamity. Humanoids (humans) lived in a virtual garden of Eden; they lived obliviously, willfully blind to the threatening reality that turned them into prey. They were the Eloi.

Another life lived below ground in darkness. It had been human once. It was evil, sinister, deformed. It emerged only in the dark, from the shadows, to prey, cannibalistically on their food source, the Eloi. They were the Morlocks. The book's suggested premise is that the Time Traveler, moving from one period to another, may be able to repair the future. The Time Traveler might be able to prevent the terrible changes that horrifically disfigured the world. The Time Traveler must convince, he must prove to his world, what the future holds if they do nothing, if they do not open their eyes and see. The future is in their own hands.

Dr. Amos Ori recently published a paper in Physical Review that seriously postulates, time travel may be real. He can't time travel now. He seriously says it may be possible in the future.

My mind spun backwards to those many years ago when I imagined myself as the Time Traveler fixing things that had gone awry. What if…..

What if a Jew could go back in time and stop Hitler. What if a Jew could go back, change the course of history, prevent the Holocaust. What if the deaths of the six million never happened? The one and one half million innocent children butchered so blithely, by the Nazis and their eager supporters, would be saved. Not only would the children be saved but their children and their children's children would be living today. The Jewish world would be so different. Israel would not exist.

The cost of time travel, to save the six million, would mean that Jewish history would be changed.

European Jewry did not vote with their bodies, their money, their dreams and their hopes to come to Palestine before the Holocaust. A paltry group of idealists and religious individualists did go to Israel before the rise of Hitler. The surviving remnants of the Holocaust finally understood Herzl's secular message, there is no alternative, only a belief, a reliance, a trust in oneself. Herzl said that anti-Semitism was the eternal reality and would never change. Jewry came after the Holocaust because there was no place to go. No place but Israel wanted them.

Before the war, the vast, vast, vast majority of world Jewry was quite content to put up with the periodic inconveniences, annoyances, if you will, of spontaneous, even state instigated anti-Semitism. It would pass, eventually, they reasoned. Pre-WWII, they did not want to uproot themselves, their children, and their families from homes of 1,000 years to come to Israel. They were willing to wait for the Messiah to bring them to Israel, in God's time.

The Sephardic expulsions, following the creation of the State of Israel, would not have happened if the Holocaust did not happen. If there were no Israel, the Muslims would have been content to torment their Dhimi Jews as they had for 1500 years. The Jews… the Jews would simply wait.

If the Holocaust had been prevented, the vast richness of European Jewish life would continue to flourish. The great Yeshivas, centers of learning and kavanah, would exist today.

I wonder, would I abandon Israel to save the 6,000,000. Honestly… to save the 6,000,000, I would say yes. I would abandon Israel to save them and their children and their children's children.

But… I look about the world and I see Hitlers, by other names, eagerly rising to destroy the Jews. I see the virulence of modern, scientific anti-Semitism given repeated and renewed legitimacy. I hear the Muslims proclaim the Qu'ran's prophetic prediction of the extermination of the last Jew as he cowers behind a rock. I see Iran's Achmadinijad.

Perhaps, with time travel, a strong Jew would arise and save us from Hitler – but another Hitler would replace Hitler. The new Hitlers threaten to be even more thorough than the old was.

We Jews no longer wait, fearful of the night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God chose to create the State of Israel in a way I don't understand. Whatever happens does not happen in a theoretical vacuum. The world happens because God's will enables us to make it happen.

I do not understand. I can't understand.

I trust in God's mercy and love though I do not understand.

The New Year is almost new upon us again.

With faith, instead of dwelling on the past, I believe in the future.


from the September-October 2007 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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