Lord, I come that you might hear my prayer



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Psalm 86

By James Vasquez

So poor and needy, Lord, I come,
That you might hear my prayer,
And in your kindness, answering,
Remove my deep despair.

Devoted in my soul to you,
And trusting in your name,
Now haste my life to keep for you,
O God, I ever claim.

Have mercy, Lord, your servant pleads,
My cry consumes the day,
Bring joy to my uplifted soul,
My troubled heart allay.

To those who call upon you, Lord,
Abundant love you grant,
While of your lasting goodness and
Forgiving ways they chant.

And so in troubled days will I,
Most hopeful, call to you,
And you will rise to answer me,
Each plaintive cry subdue.

For none like you among the gods,
Has now or e’er compared,
Nor are there deeds, though proud, that have
Your glory ever shared.

The nations that you’ve made will come
With much or lesser fame,
And worshiping before you, Lord,
Bring glory to your name.

Your greatness, Lord, exceeds my thought,
Your deeds I survey, awed,
And my enraptured heart declares
That you alone are God.

And how shall I in truth now walk,
Save to your ways I turn?
Then grant an undivided heart,
That I some fear may learn.

Withholding naught my heart shall rise,
Your praise to ever sing,
And to your blest, exalted name
Will endless glory bring.

Your love, O Lord, beyond compare,
I’ve known through many’a day,
Deliv’rance from the grave’s dire threat,
And death’s morose decay.

The enemy attacks me now,
They seek my life anew,
A band of ruthless men they are,
Without regard for you.

But gracious and compassionate,
In love abounding e’er,
In faithfulness restraining wrath,
O Lord, attend my prayer,

And turn to me in mercy, grant,
Your servant strength divine,
The son of your maidservant now,
Redeem and give a sign,

Of your great goodness that the foe
May see and then, ashamed,
Depart since you have helped me and
My comfort have proclaimed.

* * * * *

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from the July 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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