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Horoscope for the New Year 5769

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag Staff

For the new Jewish year we went over to visit our famed resident Kabalistic astrologist, Yaakov Krkonenberg. Yaakov teaches kabala by day and at night does horoscopes.

We asked Yaakov what does he see for the coming year in view of the fact that it is a politically active period with new elections in the USA and perhaps in Israel .

Yaakov: The elections in America are interesting since no one in America really knows about Obama, except from his autobiography which he basically wrote his own history. He shot up from no where to become senator and within a relatively short period he is running for president.

We see that he really thinks highly of himself, he sees that he is capable of leading a country. When we look at his chart, we see that the sun is very powerful in his chart. It works best with the sign of Leo which is where it was when he was born. So we see that he thinks very highly of himself. The sun is connected with Uranus, which makes him very autocratic meaning that he will be the decider and everyone will just have to accept his decision or leave.

His has two ruling planets: Saturn in the twelfth house, the house of the secret enemy; which generates a person that when he was young felt that he was mistreated and did not get a good treatment from society. He is a person who wants to change the system; he did not get treated fairly, he feels that many people are not treated fairly and he wants to make changes. Many people will be surprised at the radical changes that he will try to make once he gets in. The other ruling planet is Uranus in the seventh house, the house of open enemies, which means there is going to be much opposition to the changes that he desires to make.

He has a very radical chart. He does not accept the status quo. He is the type of person who comes into your house and starts to re-arrange your furniture. He is not telling now what change he envisions, but it will be quite radical even though now he only says that he wants to make a country in which everyone works together, yet in the end, he will be quite a strong liberal radical left wing person.

We see in his chart that Aquarius is rising which give him the character that he professes that every one should believe in what they think, but in reality, he only extends that to the way that he believes. In short, he is tough on those who are independent thinkers and have ideas contrary to his thoughts.

In an election year when the current president is so disliked, it is difficult to see McCain winning. Add to this the fact that McCain does not have the powerful chart that it would take to pull off the election anyway. Even though he is a war hero and much liked, it does not seem that he can overcome the deep dissatisfaction that the Americans have with Bush. McCain has Saturn going over his sun, which means that his ego is being knocked down, he may even have heart problems and we see that he is having problems just getting equal publicity. People are not even looking at him; all attention is focused on Obama.

It seems like Obama will win the elections, however, he will have so many problems that his position as president will not be enviable. It is written in the Medrash that Sodom and Gomorrah were not decreed to be destroyed until they legalized homosexual marriage; it may be the same in America. We see a really decedent society that Obama is being called upon to fix. I do not think that there is much to be done. These homosexuals are people with no real long term view on life; they are looking only for immediate pleasure and they have no other goal except to get as much immediate pleasure as possible. What can Obama do to change this?

JM: What about Israel?

Yaakov: The same thing applies in Israel . Olmert is very much disliked in Israel. He will begin to have serious problems very soon. Mars is starting to pass over four of his planets. Mars is the planet of war. There will be a big movement to bring him down. For some one to take over from his party and to lead a government would require someone exceptional, and there is no one from this party that has these qualities. I think that there will be elections faster than most people think.

It appears that Netenyahu will most likely be elected. Elections could be around February or March, but the current government will be big losers.

Yaakov does private horoscopes. For information about doing a horoscope for you, email Yaakov at astrol@netvision.net.il.

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from the August 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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