Israel, G-d and a Dream Returned



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Three Poems

By Michael Druck

By Michael Druck © 2008

Found a people, build a state,
The pledged event is still the same.
The matter will not abate
An ancient Torah’s claim.

G-d is heaven’s ally here.
And words will always tell,
That everything is pictured clear,
And positioned well,
For Israel.

Found a people, build a state.
It’s not too soon, not too late.
The matter will not be laid to rest.
We merely follow G-d’s bequest,
For Israel.

Prepare to adventure
The goal’s the same.
G-d’s request,
Is the world’s disdain,
But everything remains,

G-d found His people
From what He knew.
What was what,
Is what is true.
A part of me,
Is a part of you.
The Chosen People,
The chosen few,
And Israel.

Prepare to live, not to die.
We will live the truth, not the lie.
What was given is worth the try.
We are bound and forever tied
To Israel.

Build upon what was given.
Our purpose is G-dly driven.
As you would live His laws,
Otherswise would be a flaw.
Or if you, yourself, don’t claim the prize,

* * * * *

By Michael Druck © 2008

There is more here than encyclopedias could fill;
more than in all the minds of man;
more than histories can tell,
or anyone can understand.

More than anyone can suppose;
truths immersed in proportion;
direction set by G-d,
laden with blessings and fortune.

There is more here than dictionaries
could find meanings for,
or tomes handed down through the ages.
With oral and written laws i
nterpreted by rabbis and sages.

More than scholars in a lifetime
could totally fathom;
more than translations could know;
better than genius could interpret
or think it so.

There is more in one single parsha;
more to learn in one single line;
more that G-d has hidden,
as heaven is the owner of time.

Before Archimedes, there were no electrons to measure.
Before Pasteur, bacteria were free.
Before Einstein, we knew it all.
And now, the more we know, the greater the mystery.

There is more here than encyclopedias could cover;
more than the meanings we see;
more than G-d will let on.
Yet the Jew is left holding the key –
count the number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners.

G-d is everywhere.
With electrons and matter.
The void is non-existent, with planets and the latter.

There is more than encyclopedia;
more than a mind sees;
more than G-d lets on.
And the Jew holds the key.

More than Archimedes can measure. More than Pasteur can see.
More than Einstein could know.
Yet Torah is the key.
And only the Jew knows it.

* * * * *

By Michael Druck © 2008

Of mankind’s first obedience to G-d,
and when that immortal taste of Torah
brought hope into the world,
for with the lost of Eden,
Moses restored us to a rightful place,
bringing a future and a grace.

Then sing, heavenly people,
for on that top of Sinai did inspire,
words of Torah that require,
we His people to heed His immortal dictation.

Illuminate and support
that which need purport,
the very essence of our being.
With outspread prayers and wing
to cover earth with holiness.

When our souls and hands
begin to trace
those Torah words of elegance and grace,
and spread the life of truth combined,
to fond conclusions of the mind,
that brings a faith to time and age,
and trusted meanings to the page,
long we mark the words in bold,
that move centuries to mold,
days to come and love explore,
the very essence of days of yore,
and the magnificence of G-d.

We feel our people’s mass in pride,
as they did long ago on a mountainside,
when G-d from His very hand
penned words to move the worlds of man,
embroidered in the Holy Book,
sewn in pages that His people took
for their own, as it was given.

And when our souls begin to find,
those words of Torah and grand design,
reading words in every line,
it is there, that begins the rhyme,
for you and me and the magnificence of G-d.

Within the desert there did arise
a G-dly blessing in disguise,
a dream forever realized,
at Sinai,
and of mankind’s first obedience to G-d.

* * * * *


from the November 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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