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Jewish Cabalistic Horoscope for 2009

By the Jmag staff and Yaakov Kronenberg

The new secular year is approaching and with it will come new and different influences into the world. We went to visit our dear friend and respected kabbalist, Yaakov Kronenberg who lives in Jerusalem. Yaakov has given the Jewish Magazine so many outstanding horoscopes and remarkable predictions and our readers are always interested in what he has to say.  Yaakov keeps himself busy teaching kabala by day and charting horoscopes at night for the many people who seek his advice.

We started by asking what would be with America in 2009.

Yaakov:  I had been predicting a major financial crisis but it actually turned much worse that I originally predicted. From the charts it appears that it will get even worse. America’s chart is very stressed out; Saturn, the planet of anxiety and tension is squaring Mars, which makes things very volatile and difficult. This happened in October when the markets crashed. It will re-happen again in the beginning of January to the beginning of February. This does not indicate anything good for the economy or the stock market.

Two other major aspects happening with the outer planets, Pluto and Uranus, that indicate a new and uncharted territory. Pluto is going opposite four planets that are in the American house of money. The first one is going opposite Venus in the beginning of February and this does not augur well for the American dollar or economy. Pluto is now going into Capricorn which means that there is going to be a big change in corporate structure. The government will have more powerful influence on how business is going to be run. Uranus is going to go opposite Neptune, Uranus is radical change, Neptune is mysterious and hidden changes are revealed.  This means that a lot of irregularity in business will be revealed and this will wreak havoc on the county.

Until now the problems have been isolated to the financial sector, the stock markets and the banks. That is were where the losses have really been until now. But now the ripple effect will begin, companies that are secondary are going to feel the effect and the problem will spread into the mainstream. We shall see bankruptcy in the luxury items sector first and then it will spread into the main middle sector. It will spread into other companies and restaurants. There will be a general slowdown in any company that does not generate a good profit margin which will with be hit hard. Each industry has those who can produce goods cheaply and those whose production costs are expensive; the cheaper producers will weather it much better than the ones who have a higher margin of profit.

We may even see bankruptcies in states and cities that can not raise money for their budgets. Many states and cities are already in bad shape and what with fewer workers in the work force earning money, meaning fewer tax dollars and more on unemployment, it will be a very difficult period for them. The best thing that the government can do is to make stimulus package, to re-build roads and bridges, like another public works administration. The main problem here is that America will print more money to pay for all of this, but it may cause the destruction of the dollar.

Jmag staff: What do you see for the rest of the world?

Yaakov: For the rest of the world, the current financial crisis will become affected even more. Remember when ever there are great financial problems it gives rise to leaders who come into power by virtue of blaming the previous administration and leaders. We have seen this in Germany with Hitler, in Italy with Mussolini, and this goes on in other countries. When they are looking to place blame, the most standard place is on the Jews. We can look forward to the Arabs trying to influence the West that it was the Jews on Wall Street who caused the world’s problem. There will be a big increase in anti-Semitism in the rest of the world. In addition, we will see America loose their leadership in the world; look for China and/or India to step into a leadership mode but don’t expect much from them.

It is a good time to divest from the dollar and gold or silver looks like a good buy. It may be also worthwhile to purchase the Swiss Franc or Canadian or Australian Dollars.

Jmag staff: What about Israel and the elections coming up?

Yaakov: Looking at Israel’s chart, we see that Netanyahu’s chart is entering into a very difficult time of life which indicates that he will be the next prime minister. When he comes in he will have many problems, and problems on top of problems. He has four planets in the house of enemies meaning that he has enemies inside the country, outside the country, everywhere – Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, the Israeli Arabs are beginning to rebel. This means that the country will have many enemies because if he is the head of the country, the Zohar says that everything goes according to the head and he will most certainly be the head.

It looks like Barak will be a big loser. He chart looks really bad. It shows that he really has an inferiority complex, he tries to act tough, but it is a cover up - with Neptune crossing his Sun he will experience ego loss. He will lose badly. Livni, the head of Kadima party, shows much talent, but unfortunately for her, her charts do not show her as being on top, rather as a secondary leader.

There is going to be political trouble surfacing. Israel has about a year and a half until there will be major trouble. It may be in the middle of 2010 that there will be a major crises even perhaps a war. When we get closer to that time period we will see it better. But for now we are going to see a financial crises in Israel in January and February 2009 with irregularities coming out and problems that we did not know about surfacing. These are leftovers from the previous (Olmert’s) government. It will weaken the financial stability and strength of the country.

I do not see any major war in 2009, but if they do, they should do it in April 2009, but I doubt it. In April, Saturn is going to square Uranus which indicates big heightening of tension in the country, which leads to the possibility of war, but it is more probable that the war will come in the summer of 2010.

* * * * *

Disclaimer: The above article is meant only for entertainment. For investment purposes, we recommend consulting with a qualified investment councilor.

Yaakov can be reached for personalized horoscopes by his email: or visit Yaakov's web site

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from the December 2008 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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