Among the nations praise his name

    January 2009            
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Psalm 96

By James Vasquez

Now sing in joyful tone to him,
The Lord of all the earth,
And his salvation chant each day,
In songs anew his worth.

Among the nations praise his name,
His glory and his deeds,
Most worthy of our praise whose fear
O’er all false gods exceeds.

For naught but idols are they found,
Of wood or bronze or stone.
The stars in heav’n by God were made
And by his hand were sown.

Full splendor, regal majesty
Before him e’er proceed,
While in his sanctuary strength
And glory are his creed.

Ascribe the glory due his name,
To him who is the Lord,
And in his courts some noble gift
Or offering afford.

And worship him in splendor of
His holiness this day,
As nations over all the earth
Their proper fear display.

The world cannot be moved, it stands
Established by our God.
His reign no boundaries comprehends,
Let all the peoples laud.

With equity he judges men,
Let heaven’s choir rejoice.
Let earth in solemn tribute bow
And raise her gladdened voice.

Let all the oceans now resound
And creatures hid therein.
Let fields be jubilant, their songs
Of rapture now begin.

And all the trees in forest green
With lusty voice shall sing,
And there before all nature’s Lord
Melodious song shall bring.

For yet he comes, he comes to judge
In righteousness the earth,
And by his firm, unchanging truth
Disclose to all their worth.


from the Februrary 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine