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Horoscope for Israel Independence Day 2009

By Yaakov Kronenberg and Jmag Staff

Yaakov Kronenberg is an old friend of the Jewish Magazine and has given over many amazing and startling horoscopes to our readers. Yaakov spends his days teaching and learning Kabala and nights doing horoscopes. He blends the best of the Eastern method of horoscopes with the Cabbalistic insights which give him a remarkable degree of accuracy and insight.

The Jewish Magazine came to visit Yaakov a few days before the Israel Independence Day since he had told us that each year the charts of each nation can be read on their respective anniversary which is similar to a person's birthday.

Q. Well, we asked Yaakov, what do you see in the charts for Israel, America, Iran and the world in general?

A. Well that is a pretty big question. For the past couple of years I had been predicting a major financial crisis in the world and in particularly in America. Now we are seeing it playing itself out and by no means is it over yet. In addition it is known that every major financial crisis bring along in its wake a major political crisis - within countries and between countries. Countries now are going to extremes to prevent the financial institutions from collapsing by doing stimulus plans. They are worried that if they let the financial problems work itself out in a natural way; it will cause much social instability. People (and countries) have really three horoscopes, one when they are below their breaking point, one when they are at their breaking point, and one when they are above their breaking point. We are slowly approaching our breaking points as people lose their possessions and financial basis.

At this time it seems that the financial crisis has stabilized, but it may only be temporary. In the charts there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune which means that there is an unreal or excessive optimism. This may last until July because that is when the conjunction begins to weaken. The crisis is really built around a Saturn and Uranus opposition which started in November 2008 and will continue until July 2010. During this period they will be opposite each other five times which means Saturn being the status quo of everything, the fundamental basis of assuming everything will continue in the present; Uranus is the planet of sudden change and revolution. When they become opposite of each other it gives a jolt to reality. Over the next three years there will be major changes in the world.

One major change is that there will be a major restructuring of the financial system in the world. It may mean that the dollar will no longer be the standard currency used by the world. In addition, the other financial currencies will also falter because of over printing of their money. As the financial crisis continues we will see more people losing their jobs and homes which will inevitably lead to political instability, social crises and government upheavals through out the world.

America, England and Ireland together with most of the Western and some of the Eastern European countries have really bad charts. Israel is in relatively good position to withstand these pressures; Israel will have more problems in dealing with the rest of the world in a political sense than in a financial sense.

Speaking of Israel, last time I did the horoscope for Israel I said that Netanyahu would win the election, not because he had the chart of a winner, but because it showed that he had the problems of a leader especially in the coming years. It looks like Israel's chart shows Libra ascending and Netanyahu has four planets in Libra. Saturn by the end of 2009 will move into Libra; Saturn is the planet of hardship, obstacles and enemies. This means that it will be a difficult time for Israel; there will be a lot of political pressure on the country, it seems that by the summer of 2010 it will reach its climax. It seems that there will be much more wars in the world than what we are used to. It will not only be Israel that has wars, but many countries will be involved.

It is difficult to know what the correct chart for Iran is. Some people use the chart of Khomeini at the time when he returned to Iran and others use the time when the Islamic government was formed which was a few months after he returned (even for that there are two different times). The second opinion has the worst looking chart, so I am going to use that.

Iran's chart shows that the ruling planets are in the ninth house; it shows that the house of religion is exalted. This means that they are fanatical and extreme and have a desire to spread their opinions all over the world. This will lead to clashes with other countries, especially Israel. Venus is their ruling planet and rules their destiny. It is strongly opposed by Saturn, which could very well be Israel. It may very well be that Israel will have to deal with Iran, and again the time may be in the summer of 2010. They have a very militarist chart, Mars, which is the planet of war, is extremely powerful in their chart and it is connected to Uranus which give a very violent nature for the government. Collision with the West is inevitable.

In summary, we are seeing something major in change happening to the world systems. This crisis is not a limited crisis that will blow over and we will revert back to the way things were. We are going to see big changes in the world order and stability. This could very well lead to problems for America's Jews.

There is much more to say and hopefully I will be invited back to the Jewish Magazine offices to continue the discussions of the world horoscopes which show a big change, but we will leave the rest for now.

Yaakov is available for personal horoscopes which he has been doing for the past thirty years. If you would like to contact him, email him at or visit his website at


from the May 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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