Words from the Heart Enter the Heart

    June 2009            
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Three Poems

By Debra K. Milgrim-Heath © 2009

These Words Shall Be Upon Your Heart

These words shall be upon your heart-
Never leave these words apart.

And you shall speak of them always-
For all our earthly days.

Hear O Israel, the Lord God ĖThe Lord Is one-
Said with love by everyone.

Godís in the highest height none higher than He-
In our present world or the one that comes to be.

Yes I know the Lord God is one this is what I feel-
I feel His love all around thatís precious and so real.


Godís Indivisible so You Canít Hide

Godís indivisible I thought you want to know-
He had declared that thousands of years ago.

We know Heís completely faithfully around-
Felt from skies highest heights to under the earths core ground.

He knows what his humans think everywhere-
From being astronauts or in hospitals under doctorís care.

Our thoughts do affect us how we will strive-
How life will be as long as weíre alive.

Being a person with kindness has the best affects-
God will help us mostly with things he directs.

Even when oneís kind we can have setbacks as well-
God perspectives for his believers are blessed- that canít you tell?


Rays Of The Light

Do you see rays of the light?
Anytime at sun up or sun down or in the night.

Light can be subtle or glowing with magnificent glows-
God created this and His beauty shows.

Any combination can light up our way-
How matter how we feel on any appearing day.

Giving us needed strength while we look at them above-
Godís rays of light are always messages of love.


from the June 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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