Let the Jews Have the Same Freedom to live where they Choose as the American Blacks today enjoy

    June 2009            
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Let the Jews Have the Same Freedom to live where they Choose as the American Blacks today enjoy

By Sanford Aranoff

No one can tell Jews where they cannot live! We have to fight anyone who dares practice this anti-Semitic act of restricting Jewish living! In the 1930's Jews did not fight Nazi orders to avoid living in certain regions, in order to have peaceful relations. It did not help! The main thing we must fight for is freedom! "Give me freedom or give me death!" is the motto of Americans, not let us be friends and not have freedom!

Let us not let America tell us that for the sake of peace Jews cannot live in certain areas, which the Arabs call the West Bank. Let us remind America that when the Governor of Alabama did not let black people have the freedom to go to certain schools, the American government got very angry and brought in guns forcing the Governor to let black students in the white school.

In 1974, I was very angry with the left-wing Israeli government that did not give freedom to Jews to live in the newly conquered territories, and participated in an all-night demonstration. Well, when the right-wing Begin government came into power, they denied the right of Jews to live in the Sinai. Later Begin's student, Sharon, used force to evict Jews from Gaza. They were all wrong in not insisting on freedom.

In 1951, my parents bought a home in Miami Beach, Florida, signing a deed that stated that they could not sell to black people. In those days, black people did not have the freedom to live where they choose. America has fought bitter struggles to let people have freedom. America never played it cool, saying that peace is more important.

Today also when America tells Jews not to build "settlements" in certain locations, let us tell America as clearly and explicitly that we will NEVER agree to such a terrible condition, even at the cost of economic sanctions by the world. Our freedom is paramount. First freedom, and then discussions about peace.

Yes, Jews must be allowed to live in the center of Arab towns and openly practice Judaism without fear. If trouble happens, the army must intervene, and arrest the bad people. Israel must stop being a country of two people that do not live together, and go to separate schools.

Many Israelis say that areas called "Palestine" by the Arabs is really areas that Jews have lived for millennia, and which God promised to Jews. This is not the point. The point is that whatever the reason is, we must absolutely insist of freedom of living wherever before we can talk about peace.

The big mistake America is making in the world is the neglect of religious freedom, as mandated by U.S. law. The International Religious Freedom Act, over 10 years old, mandates that the promotion of religious freedom be a central element of U.S. foreign policy. Thomas F. Farr discussed this in Foreign Affairs March 2008. We must focus on freedom, including religious freedom, and then discuss what we can do to get the conflicts resolved.

Dr. Sanford Aranoff is Adjunct Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics at Rider University. Visit his website: www.analysis-knowledge.com/msgTeaching.htm


from the July 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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