Jewish Astrological Horoscope for 5770

    August 2009            
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Horoscopes for the new Jewish year 5770

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag staff

With a new Jewish year on the horizon and after seeing so many changes happening both in the world economy and in the political arena, with threats of nuclear war and terror constantly in the news, we at the Jewish Magazine went to visit our friend and veteran astrologist, Yaakov Kronenberg. We wanted to see what the stars have in store for the coming Jewish year.

Q. Yaakov, what do you see in the various horoscope charts for the world in the coming year?

A. What is happening in the whole world is a good question. When you look at the planets in the charts you will see such challenging aspects in just one year that we haven't seen for the last two hundred years. I think that the optimists who believe that America is past their problems will unfortunately be disappointed. I see in the next year many more problems emerging; not just America, but also world wide.

We can divide the world problems into three distinct groups that interact on each other. The first is the obvious economic problem. Second are the political problem s meaning the problems within and between countries. Third are specific problems such as health problems and natural disasters.

Economically speaking, even though at this time the markets have been rising, it appears that this rise is based up on false optimism. There is a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which means that people believe that they can solve their own problems or more specific that the government can solve the people's problems. Last year when the economy almost collapsed, in November 2008, there was a Saturn Uranus opposition. Saturn symbolizes the stability of the world; all of the facets of the world that are needed for the world to function properly. Uranus is the planet of change or revolution. When ever these planets are in opposition, it causes a shake up in the world order. That happened last when the U.S. economy almost collapsed. This will happen again this year not once but three times. Once in the middle of September 2009, second time in the middle of April 2010, and third time, which looks like the worst, in the middle of July and extend to the middle of September 2010. This last one is mixed with other major bad aspects that could indicate a major world type conflict. The first two will be of a lesser intensity, perhaps only an economic problem or something which will soften the world up.

The entire world order is changing. After the final aspect in 2010 there will be a need and necessity to make a new world order to deal with the immensity of the world's problems. The last time there was a major pandemic was in 1918 when approximately 100 million people died from the flue. That was the worst flue epidemic ever. At that time there was the Jupiter Neptune conjunction which we also we see peaking in January. I don't think that the swine flue will be a severe as that flue but it is possible that there will be major health problems world wide which will have a major impact.

I personally see America as having a very bad chart, almost as if it is cursed. This is something like the ten plagues in Egypt. America has four planets in the house of money; the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. America is built on money and two of the four planets Jupiter and Venus are considered the planets of good fortune. America's success is because of their tremendous wealth. Now they are a nation with tremendous debt; their future is in the hands of their creditors. Pluto which symbolizes foreign countries is in the house of America's debt, the eighth house. The foreign countries will make big problems for America's currency and economy.

Barak Obama's does not have the easiest chart in the world either. He has his ruling planet in the twelfth house, the house of hidden enemies. He has three planets in the house of open enemies and the ruler of his career in the eighth house, the house of debt, death and war. His Mars, which represents violence, is in the eighth house. When the leader has such a chart it symbolizes the nation will be at a time of war and crises. It could be that many people may die, or even the person himself! He will be under many threats during his presidency. Starting in mid August until the end of December his chart has much pressure on Mars therefore it will be a difficult time, even perhaps an assassination attempt.

There is a Pluto square Saturn aspect which is another violent indication. This is similar to another time when Pluto was opposite Saturn; this was the attack on the world trade centers, 9/11. So again we see an attack on the world stability and Pluto, the symbol of destruction, comes against Saturn, the world stability. It could be terror or political upheavals, increase of hostilities between countries or even in countries themselves, civil strife. This will be at several times: first about the end of November 2009, second time will be the beginning of February 2010 and the third time, the worst, will be during the late summer, 2010. So we see that there are major and difficult aspects which we have not see occurring so many times in history for many, many years.

In a few words, a major change in civilization is coming.

Israel is not going to be immune the world's problems either; but it has divine protection. Bibi Netenyahu has a good chart, but later problems will emerge. Iran's chart is not clear to me. Israel is going to have to deal with them, but it may not be until next summer 2010. The planet Saturn is moving toward the ascendance of Israel. That adds worry and fear to the country from other nations, there will be more pressure compared to what is now. The last time it happened was during the 1980 Lebanese war. It will happen soon and again it presents the possibility of war.

I think that Israel is going to have some bad effects from the world turbulence, but I believe that it will be ok there until the summer of 2010.

But by then we will have to sit down with Yaakov again and see what he sees.

Yaakov is available for personal horoscopes which he has been doing for the past thirty years. If you would like to contact him, email him at


from the August 2009 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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