Jewish Astrological Forecast for 5771

    Seoptember 2010 High Holydays            
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Horoscope Prediction for 5771

By Jmag Staff and Yaakov Kronenberg

We are meeting with our favorite Jewish astrologer Yaakov Kronenberg at his home in Jerusalem. Yaakov is taking a break from teaching Kaballah to host us in his study and bring us some insights as to what we may expect for this coming year.

Before we start with this new Jewish year, we want to ask Yaakov about a prediction that he had made the last time we spoke with him concerning seeing the worst aspects in the horoscope for the last several hundred years, yet we have not really seen anything drastic happening. Have these difficult aspects passed us?

Yaakov: It was a little premature to say that there will be wars in very near future, but none the less, there will be wars between countries because of lack of resources and there will be fighting inside countries because of the severe economic downturn. It seems that instead of the difficulties that I saw coming down in the political and military arena, we saw many natural and man caused disasters: Volcano in Iceland, oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, flooding in Pakistan, earthquakes in China, heat and drought in Russia; it seems that we are having more than our normal share of natural disasters.

In general this year will see a continuation of natural problems. All the outer major planets are hitting sensitive points on the Earth. This will continue for the next year. We will see major problems continuing in the next year both in natural disasters and environmental difficulties, also in strife between countries and with in countries. Uranus, the sign of revolution and change, just moved into the sign of Aries, the sign of war. We can look forward to wars between countries and revolutions within counties. Many countries that are in economic stress are seeing their citizens living in a stressful circumstance which is ripe for revolt. We are seeing a extremely high amounts of Americans who are now living with food stamps and unemployment compensation, many are slowly losing their life savings, and unemployment is at a record high. This phenomena is occurring in Europe also and is affecting the white middle class which is the basis of every Western country

Israel and Netanyahu are both under the sign of Libra and for the next year and a half Saturn will be transiting the sign of Libra which indicates that there will be much stress and pressure on both Israel and Netanyahu to make major concessions, perhaps to give in to Iran or make some peace deal. Netanyahu seems to be in for the next year or so. Look for the pressure to peak around December of 2011. Saturn has an orbit of 28.5 years around the sun. The last time we saw such an aspect was the beginning of the first Lebanese war. Israel seems to always be at war, but now it appears to be more at war than usual.

America's chart shows Pluto transiting the house of Debt and opposing the house of Money. This means we can see much pressure on the American dollar and it losing value. It does not show the economy recovering as the financial institutions are saying. Europe's chart is the only one that looks worse than America's.

On the other hand, Israel's chart shows it coming up in terms of financial stability. The property values have risen considerably while in America property values have dropped to all-time lows. Israel is developing as a player in the global oil market. While the charts of Europe and America are difficult in the financial arenas that of Israel looks positive.

Iran's chart indicates that they will be attacked. They have so many enemies the question is who will attack. Besides Israel and the US, most of the Arabs are very frightened from Iran's possible acquisition of nuclear weapon.. Of all people, it is the Arabs who want Iran attacked and to be reduced in its power level.

This new year promises to be a year for Israel of continued prosperity amid tremendous international pressure. For America, it will be a year of continued economic decline which will affect its global influence and military stature. Europe seems hopeless and Asia is on the rise.

Jmag: We thank Yaakov for his time in giving us these insights to the New Jewish Year. Readers can contact him for a personal astrological reading by emailing him at


from the September 2010 High Holyday Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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