Prayer at the Kotel

    Seoptember 2010 High Holydays            
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Introduction to a Prayer

Tova Wald

Two years ago I was listening to events as they were unfolding in troubled areas of our beloved country. There was loss of property and life. Our young, brave soldiers cut down in their youth defending this precious land.

With a sense of frustration I sat down and thought if only I could compose a prayer that I could offer to G-d. I didn’t know how to begin. But then I adopted the opening which initiates many prayers. I think it’s a prayer that can be said anywhere at any time of day. A prayer to be said by the young and the old.

I was at the Kotel the 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Elul. The beginning of this new month, which precedes the New Year in Tishri, brought many people to the site. I stood behind women fervently praying, their faces pressed against the ancient stones. I was furtively looking for a crevice suitable to insert my five “kvitlin” (notes asking for G-d's intervention and blessing) for my friends. There were a great many such notes...but at last I elbowed my way through and inserted them suitably.

It would be wonderful if people were inspired to recite the prayer “A Prayer for our Time” at the Kotel during these holy days. Also people might like to add expressions of their own which would make the prayer even more meaningful and personal.

We should all be blessed for a Good, Healthy New Year!

A Prayer for our Time

We are standing before You, G-d of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov as we once stood at the foot of Your holy mountain, Sinai. There You revealed Yourself as we stood in awe and trepidation to receive our most precious gift of all, the Ten Commandments by the hand of Moshe Rebeinu, Your chosen prophet.

We entered into a holy covenant affirming that You are our One And True G-d forever, for all time and to keep Your laws… as the earth trembled beneath our feet.

You have performed miracles in the past and present. No act is difficult for You to accomplish. There are those who wish to weaken and diminish us, to push us over the abyss. Their thoughts turn against us as they plot and scheme to achieve their purposes. Enter the portals of their minds to change their decisions for the good. Reveal to them that there is nothing greater in the universe than love, compassion and understanding. Keep our leaders strong in their faith and true to our cause.


from the September 2010 High Holyday Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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