Astrological Horoscope for 2011

    January 2011            
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Horoscope for 2011

By Yaakov Kronenberg and the Jmag Staff

Every so often we at the Jewish Magazine like to go to visit our favorite kabalistic horoscope man, a person who has achieve no little fame in Jerusalem for both his kabalistic teachings and his startling astronomical predictions. Since the new year is a new beginning for the nations of the world and since we Jews are living in the greater world, not just in our own enclosed world, the new year, while not celebrated by Jews, is significant for us as a new astrological beginning.

We asked Yaakov to give us his astrological forecast for 2011.

Jmag Staff: Well, Yaakov, what do you see in the stars that will concern us for the coming year?

Yaakov: First, let me explain that it is not just the influences that are coming down from the stars that are imortant, but rather the state that you are in to receive this energy. Like on the Jewish New Year, we prepare ourselves in advance, we try to be in a better moral state to receive the new year. The same is true of birthdays which have a specialness in that the person’s personal astrological influence begins to descend two or three days before his birthday and continues two or three days afterwards. So, too, it is with the gentile nations; the influence that comes down is also dependent on the state that they are in when it descends. Unfortunately they are normally drunk or busy watching football games so what collateral influx that they pick up is probably coincidental.

Let us start with America since it is still the world’s biggest super power even though it is in a state of major decline. The Indian astrologers, who acquired most of their knowledge from the ancient Jewish astrologers, generally make a quick appraisal by looking at which house Saturn is in since that will tell us the difficulties that will come and then they check on Jupiter’s location as it will tell us what is the good fortune. I am going to do the same.

Right now for America, Saturn is transiting from the fifth house, the house of speculation and gambling, to the sixth house, the house of work and servitude. This may very well mean that it looks like a lot of people who work for the government will begin to lose their jobs. The private sector has seen much unemployment but now it appears that the public sector, the government, will begin terminations and salary cuts. This applies not just to the federal government but also to state governments. There will also be problems with the government’s functioning; it could be that there will be external attempts to sabotage the government by hacking or viruses that may disrupt the ability of the government to function. In addition, there may be more problems with the health care system which still has many problems. Even though they enabled more people to get health care, still there are tremendous problems with the care, such as getting proper care and paying for medications add this to the general low level of health in the average American. These are all problems that are generally associated with the sixth house which also rules health as well as government.

On the other side, Jupiter is going through the eleventh house, which represents the money of the government. With Jupiter in the eleventh house, this gives expansion to house of money. This could mean that the American government will begin to print more money which will eventually create inflation of the prices of products. Since Jupiter will be there for a year, it will give the stock market a boost since people will have more money, but this will be just a short time lift.

Moving on to Israel and using the same ideas of where Saturn and Jupiter are, we get a slightly different picture. Let us start with the good, Jupiter will be in the sixth house, the house of health and government service. This means there will be a positive expansion in the health care services, which are currently much better than those available in the States. The government services will be improved and will be running fairly smoothly.

On the other hand, Saturn will be in the first house, the house of self identity. It is the most important house in astrology. It has to do with how others see you, how you appear in their eyes and what they think of you. When Saturn goes over the first house it is the most difficult time for a person as well as a country. Saturn rules fear anxiety so there is definitly a chance for conflict and war as Saturn causes a feeling like one's back is against the wall which could cause an Israeli retailiation against threats. This means that there will be a much greater global dislike of Israel in the world and a strong desire to delegitimize the State of Israel. Our foes will claim that we have no right to be here and that we stole the land from the Arabs. This will be the major problem facing the government in the next year and a half. The nations will attempt to make us like look like a pariah state, something similar to South Africa in the times of apartheid. Since our enemies could not defeat us in war, they are going to try to delegitimize us in the eyes of the world. This seems to be more pressing than an upcoming threat of a new war.

When Saturn goes over the first house it is always forebodes difficulties and the last time it passed was 29 years ago, in 1981 which was the start of the Lebanese war. The negative repercussions of the Lebanese war lasted in Israel for many years. The quicker the government stops it gets on the offensive to defend the legitimacy of the state of Israel, the better it will be.

Netanyahu has his Sun and Moon in the same place as Israel's ascendant, meaning the first house. This means that Saturn is going over Netanyahu's Sun and Moon, his two most important planets, the two lights, and when Saturn passes over them, it reduces their light. This means that he will have so many problems it will be difficult for him to deal with it.

Jmag Staff: Well, Yaakov, that was very interesting and we thank you so much for your time.

Yaakov Kronenberg is can be contacted online to help you with personal problems. He will do your horoscope. He can be contacted at .


from the January 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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