Poems for All who Love Summer

    July 2011          
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Summer Poems

By Madeline Schwartz

(A Book of Summer Poems for All That can Read)



The rays hit my face

like a warm candle farther away,

dust floats past,

only appearing in the sun.

I try to look at the sun,

But the light blinds me,

I quickly look away.

When I looked into the sun

I saw golden light,

And if I really tried to remember what I saw in that short second

I remember seeing that myth of a face

Smiling down at me,




Clouds are Forever

They float over me

high above,

moving with the wind

the sun suddenly disappears

shade covers the field I am standing in.

I look up,

I see a shape resembling an elephant

It suddenly changes to a face.

Did I ever see the elephant?

Was it ever there?

Am I the only one that saw it?

It could be so.

The clouds are ever changing

Never truly there

And yet,

I see them clear as ice,

Clouds look as if a giant marshmallow flies through the sky.

The sun comes back,

and the clouds slowly move away.



The Trees Around You and Me

The trees in the forest tower over me

and they are beautiful.

The green leaves flutter on the branches,

Bark looks rough

but is smooth as silk underneath my hand.

As I step

the dead oak and dry pine needles crackle underneath me

like a firework bursting from its container.

The season changes,

So does the trees.

The trees turn yellow and orange,

They fall,

Creating a wondrous pattern along the forest floor.

As the last leaves fall,

You can almost see the trees shiver,

No more warmth,

Simply trunks, branches, and twigs.

They are waiting,

Waiting for the new buds to come

And shower them with glory.



Flowers in the day

Thereís pink ones,

blue ones,

red ones,

white ones,

and many more.

Their petals bloom in the morning,

and close at night.

Thereís gardens full of them,

and windows look over them.

Look to the side,

Maybe the other,

is there a flower there?

Maybe two?

Daisies are everywhere.

They grow in the roots of trees,

they grow in the middle of fields.

They are not weeds,

so do not pull them.

They smell so sweet,

as sweet as a fresh, ripe cherry.

Look as they and their beautiful colours of white and yellow sway in the wind,

Rippling like the creases in a blanket.

The lilacs and lilies are so pretty, oh, so pretty.



Oceans Blue

The water was as clear as diamonds,

Rippling along the shore as if it had no boundaries.

The water is cold as ice cubes

as smooth as glass.

As you numb,

the water feels warmer.

Iíd look down at my toes,

but instead Iíd see multicoloured clown fish and rainbow troutís swim past me

in schools or alone,

it doesnít matter.

Iíll look around and see,

water as beautiful as a summers day.

Thy water is everlasting.



As Green As Grass

The grass moves like a wave in the wind,

a ripple here, a ripple there.

If I lay in it,

it prickles my skin like a thousand wood chips,

but I donít mind it.

If Iím quiet enough

I can hear the sounds of crickets chirping,

And blue jays singing their wonderful melody to all that can hear.

The grass smells newly mown and of fresh pines.

Insects crawl all over the stems

But who minds?

Not me.

The grass blows in the wind once more

It shimmers as if itís doing a dance just for me.

I breath in deep the smell of such wondrous freshness.

Oh grass, what a creation.



Summers Day

Breath in deep,

close your eyes,

and feel such a freshness as the wind passes over you

like a cool blanket.

Smelling as fresh as ever green trees.

You try to feel for it,

but it merely slips through your fingers like water

and yet,

you still feel as if you felt it,

that wind that makes you smile.

How it moves

is a mystery,

but it has a warm welcome on a warm summers day.

The wind that moves through you like a fresh of breath air,

That one youíve been waiting for in that stuffy room.

Itís clearer then clear

you never get to see it,

no one does.

Breath in deep,

and feel the wind rush past you.



Madeline Schwartz who is 13-years-old and a good poet lives in Winnipeg,

* * * * *

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from the July 2011 Edition of the Jewish Magazine

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